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Social Sunday Ambassador Stepfanie Tyler On Personal Branding and Knowing Your Worth

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If you've ever wondered about starting your own business or developing your personal brand, allow us to introduce you to someone who will shed light on both. Stefanie Tyler is a multi-hyphenate creative based in Las Vegas and she also happens to be a Social Sunday brand ambassador. Read on to learn more about Stefanie and what she does.

Stepfanie Tyler Interview Social Sunday Amanda Smith

Photo: from Stepfanie Tyler 

Q: Let’s start off with introductions. For those reading who are new to you, can you tell them a little bit about yourself?

S: Hi! I’m Stepfanie and I currently live in Las Vegas with my awesome boyfriend and our huge dog (who is ironically named “Minnie”). At the end of 2015, I started my own business—a boutique creative agency—Blackfox Creative. We specialize
in branding, content creation, copywriting, web development and graphic design, among other things. At the end of 2018, I decided to start working on my personal brand. I started a clothing brand three years ago, but due to some Trademark issues, I recently rebranded and restructured it to focus on vintage goods since I love thrifting! @wearwolfvintage features hand-picked, unique, and one-of-a-kind items. This brand is where I feel like I’ve come full-circle.

Q: From afar it seems like you do a little bit of everything from branding, marketing, content creation, writing, and being a social media influencer. How did you get into all of this and what are some of your favorite parts?

S: I LOVE taking photos, being in photos, and directing shoots. I especially love the creative process that comes along with editing images after a shoot. I liked to journal, as well, which is funny because that was kinda like my practice for what would later be... Instagram. After I graduated from college, I worked as a store manager but I knew that path wasn’t for me and I knew I wanted to start my own business and take charge of my life. I think marketing was an easy path for me to choose (it honestly probably chose me) because my mom had been an advertising and marketing director for decades. My absolute favorite part of what I do is content creation. I love having an idea and then going out and shooting something...and then watching it evolve into this amazing piece of art. 

Social Sunday Interview Amanda Smith

Photo: Stepfanie Tyler shop this tee here 

Q: What are some of the lessons you have learned just working with brands and putting your own touch on certain projects?

S: One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned working with brands has been “know your worth.” When I first started my own business, I felt like I couldn’t possibly charge clients thousands of dollars to help them with things like building a website or photographing their merchandise, even though that was the standard rate in the industry for those types of services. I also started to realize that brands and/or companies would take advantage of me if I didn’t stand up for myself and start asking for what I knew I was really worth, so I did.

Q: What made you want to major in women's studies in school and how do you use this degree now?

S: I originally set out to be a pediatric nurse, but I didn’t get into the nursing school I wanted so I took a visit to my advisor's office and reevaluated my plan. Women’s studies is known as “The Major You Use Every Day” (I think that’s literally the slogan, haha) and it’s no joke! I thought it was funny at the time, but after finishing school and seeing where I am almost 8 years laterit’s true. I don’t think I was as open-minded as I am now when I was growing up. Some of that comes with age, education, or experience, but most of that (for me) came from taking these classes in college. The majority of the classes are lecture-based and we’d have guest speakers come in almost weekly to talk to us about different issues affecting uswomen, LGBTQ+ and other minorities. I felt inspired after every class.

Stepfanie Tyler Social Sunday Amanda Smith Interview

Photo: Stepfanie Tyler

Q: Studying women, working with women, and being a woman yourself, what would you say are the three most important things you have taken from your experiences that have changed you?

S: I think the first, and probably the most important thing I learnedor trained myself to dowas not to pass judgment on others. Next, I learned the importance of my voice. All throughout my courses, I’d listened to people talk about their oppression or how they’d be marginalized and it never occurred to me how lucky I was to have the voice I was given. Lastly, I learned the power of community.
I started attending marches and rallies and saw first-hand what happens when people band together to support a common cause.

Q: When you are looking for brands to collaborate with for your blog or social media, what are some of the things you look for? What drew you to Social Sunday?

S: When I’m looking for brands to collaborate with, I definitely research them first. If I don’t believe in it, how could I share that with my audience and expect them to love it? I was attracted to Social Sunday for a few reasons: the products are all insanely cute and witty. When I realized it was a woman-owned brand, I knew I wanted to reach out, especially after I saw the “CEO” shirts! Plus, I have a soft spot for any brand that partners with non-profits so it was a win-win. 

Q: I’m sure you have a busy year full of exciting projects ahead. What are some of the things you are looking forward to the most?

S: I guess I’m most looking forward to seeing how far I can take myself this year. Having an audience on social media (even if it’s small) means there is some accountability. If I say I’m going to do a certain thing, or share a certain thing, etc. I feel obligated to follow through and get that thing done. I can’t wait to use all the tools and resources I’ve accumulated over the years and finally put that into my own growthso I can showcase my own voice.

Stepfanie Tyler Interview Social Sunday Amanda Smith

Photo: Stepfanie Tyler

Q: Being an Ambassador for Social Sunday you represent the things we value the most like female-empowerment, giving back, and more. What would you say are ways you like to give back, take care of yourself, and stay motivated?

S: Some days I wake up and wouldn’t even be able to find my head if it wasn’t attached to my body. On those days, I feel like lounging on the couch and not opening my laptop until the afternoonbut I know that’s not how work gets done.
I know if I’m not out there hustling to work on a project, someone else is. We all have ideas, but the difference is in the execution. I love hikingthat’s always a fun activity for my boyfriend and I to do on weekends. 

Q: Before we wrap up, could you give some advice to our readers out there who are looking to develop their own brand or business and may need some inspiration to do so?

S: Feeling empowered and owning your voice and who you are is so important. When it came time for me to create a personal brand, I kept in mind all the things I took home from these courses. Who am I? How do I want the world to perceive me? What does my footprint look like? Who am I helping? I live in a constant state of self-awareness and that is my key.

Thank you so much to Stepfanie Tyler for chatting with us and inspiring us as well. You can check out her creative agency BlackFox Creative here, and her Instagram here.

Let us know who you would like to hear from in our next interview in the comments below! 


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