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Why Dream Pop Queen Cyn Should Be the Next Artist You Stream

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(Photo from Instagram: @cynthialovely)

Social Sunday loves finding new female artists that kick ass and take names, and lucky for us, another one has popped up on our radar. I discovered Cyn on a whim one day, endlessly watching my favorite YouTube music videos, and her voice hasn't left my head since. Honey-covered, sensual, and often devilish lyrics meld with jazz-pop notes for a listening experience you won't find just anywhere. Think the sass of Lennon Stella mixed with the feminism of Maren Morris and the edginess of Lana Del Rey. Here's what you need to know about this up-and-coming dream pop queen who's on her way to becoming a household name. 

(Photo from Instagram: @cynthialovely)

A little background for you: Cynthia Nabozny was born in a small town in Michigan 26 years ago, according to her Spotify profile. She recalls being bullied when she was a child and feeling insecure about her appearance–but that all changed after she had a mystical dream one night and set her sights on becoming the best version of herself. She made a Soundcloud account and began putting her music out there under the moniker Cyn, pronounced "sin", and her tracks gained notoriety. The Victorian-esque play on a word with a traditionally negative connotation is meant to shock and drop jaws, as she says she loves challenging people's perceptions, particularly those of men, her Spotify profile reads. Suddenly she found herself catapulted into the spotlight by a chance encounter with pop superstar Katy Perry and signed to Katy's imprint label called Unsub Records. Now, there's no stopping her undeniable path to stardom.     

What her music sounds like: Vintage dream-pop mixed with girl-next-door, beachy vibes. With a voice that sounds like liquid gold, her songs of catastrophic love and devilish sentiments ensure you never forget her, long after you close your laptop. Plus she's got a style that combines big hair and classic '70s retro pieces–come on, what more could you really ask for?    

(Photo from Instagram: @cynthialovely)

Songs to stream first: "Terrible Ideas", followed by "I'll Still Have Me", "Believer", and "Holy Roller." Need a more convincing reason to hit play on Spotify? Music website Idolator writes that Cyn's recent single "Holy Roller" is one of the best of 2019, a blurring rush of emotion and case of intense infatuation that's compared to that of joining a cult. The video–where she does actually join a cult– is absolutely gorgeous, check it out below:



 If you like her, listen to: Tate McRae, Elley Duhé, Maren Morris, Lana Del Rey, Lennon Stella. Cyn is romantic and an absolute master at crafting melodies so addictive and sugary sweet you can't help but also want to catch a flight to Paris on a whim or hop in a convertible and ride for miles and miles down a long stretch of California highway. She makes the mundane details of a relationship come alive, but there's also a dark twist lurking beneath the porcelain surface, so you never quite know what's coming next. But hey, that's half the thrill of music, right?

(Photo from Instagram: @cynthialovely)     

Final thoughts: Cyn's got a gift for the weird. Her songs make me feel like I'm having an out-of-body experience, but it's not a bad thingit makes me want to conquer my fears, yell from the mountaintops and be who I'm supposed to be. She's pushing the boundaries for women in music, and I sincerely hope other artists take note.


Support women artists! ✨ Check her out on Instagram here and don't forget to check out her page on Spotify. Who is your favorite artist right now? Let us know in the comments!


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