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Why Fleurie Is the Female Artist On the Rise You Should Know About

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I discovered Fleurie by chance a few years back, while doing what any girl constantly on the hunt for new, kick-ass female artists in the alternate music world does: search for fresh music on Spotify. If you've never heard of Fleurie, allow me to introduce you. She's a 28-year-old musician who is known for lush acoustics, cinematic melodies, and downright infectious vocals. Think a more subtle Florence and the Machine mixed with with Regina Spektor's more powerful moments with just a hit of Lana Del Rey-esque mysticism. Here's what you should know about this up-and-coming indie darling.
  (photo from @fleuriemusic on Instagram)
A little background for you: 28-year-old Lauren Strahm was born in Canton, Michigan, not far from the city of Detroit. When she was a child, she studied classical music and discovered her love of singing in church. After finishing college at age 21, she moved to Nashville to pursue a singing career. Her moniker Fleurie (pronounced flur-ee) is a French word that means "in bloom." She wanted a name that expressed the things she valued most: honesty, rawness, and putting her whole heart into everything she does. She does a damn good job of it, too, and her songs have been featured on hit TV shows like Pretty Little Liars, Scream, Bones, and Reign.
(photo from @fleuriemusic on Instagram)
Genre and what her music sounds like: Fleurie blurs the lines between dream pop and indie folk. Beating drums, lush vocals, scattering violins–it's all part of the experience. She takes her listeners on an ethereal journey to self-awareness, empowerment, and revitalization...and also sadness. But this kind of nostalgia doesn't always have to be a bad thing–it can unlock the deepest parts of us, what she calls "drops of light in the darkness." Fleurie herself outlined the goals of her newest album Portals in an Instagram post: 
(photo from @fleuriemusic on Instagram)
Top songs I recommend: "Paralyzed," "Still Your Girl," "Sirens" and "Constellate." "Paralyzed" is by far my favorite Fleurie song–it's a heartfelt piano ballad that will take your breath away.
If you like her, listen to: Ruelle, Dizzy, Regina Spektor, Julien Baker
(photo from @fleuriemusic on Facebook)
What people are saying: Critics and fans alike have praised Fleurie for her cinematic melodies and home-grown feel that shows she truly cares about the music she's making. NPR reviewed "Still Your Girl," calling it an airy pop song that turns "dark and downright luscious." Another site says her newest album Portals is "chock full of scintillating, infectious synths" and "will transport you to another dimension." And me? Well, I just can't seem to get enough. 
(photo from @fleuriemusic on Instagram)
Support female musicians like Fleurie! ✨ Follow her on Instagram here and check out her Facebook here to join #Fleurieland.


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