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Don't Forget These Essentials When Packing for a Long Flight

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social sunday what to pack for a long flight
Close your eyes and picture this: You're lounging on the beach in Mexico bathing in the sun. The wind blows through your hair, you hear the waves crashing on the shore and you're sipping a delicious frozen margarita. Or what about this–you're hiking up a hill in Athens to get a better view of the city. Your white maxi dress flows behind you as if you're the queen of the Mediterranean. Well, that all sounds super amazing, right? But the reality is, teleportation doesn't exist (yet) and sometimes, it's gonna be a long haul to just to arrive at your destination... unless you're lucky enough to live close by. For the rest of us, we have to book a flight only to dread the long, stuffy hours that await us. But–it doesn't have to be a drag. If you pack the right things in your carry on, we promise you'll have a smoother & more exciting flight. A flight you can look forward to? That's what we're talking about!  Here's everything you should pack for a long flight to feel the your best. ( We can't make any promises about the dreaded trip to the airport, though.)
First off, we've got to state the obvious. You're going to be miserable in tight jeans on a long flight. We love wearing tailored sweatpants or leggings we know we can move around in. There's a lot moving around in your seat (we all know how hard it is to find a comfy position to fall asleep in) and the constant getting up and down to use the restroom (if you've had a few too many in-flight cocktails). As for the top, we love wearing a loose-fitting tank with a sweater on top. It gives us the option to cuddle up when we're cold or move around more when we're warm. May we suggest one of our pullovers with a muscle tee underneath? 
social sunday casual friday pullover
#2. Flight Friendly Snacks 
Depending on the type of flight you booked, you might get some complementary snacks or a full meal...but let's be real. It's not always the best, and it's always safer to bring some of your favorites with you. The best snacks to bring that are flight friendly can be surprisingly healthy and yummy. Here are some of our fave healthy snack options to pack in your carry-on.
-Trail Mix 
-Granola Bars
-Fruit (easy to eat ones like berries, or pre sliced apples)
-Hummus and crackers
-Veggies (again, ones that are easy to eat like baby carrots)
-Veggie Chips
#3. Entertainment
If your flight is longer than 3 hours, there will most likely be a free movie included (uhh...unless you're flying Spirit). Even with all the free movies on your flight, binge watching can get boring. You can also think outside the box! There's more to do on a flight than watch movies. In your carry-on you can easily back a new book, a couple of your favorite magazines, a journal, an "adult" coloring book, or a word search book. If you're traveling with a few people bring a game like Uno or Catch Phrase. Oh, and don't forget headphones! 
#4. Beauty Products
Traveling does this annoying thing to our skin where it basically dries it all up–then we're left to fix it once we have settled back home. Luckily, there are ways to prevent your skin from acting up while traveling, and that extra time you get on your flight can be a great excuse for a little extra pampering. Here's a list of our favorite products to pack with you! 
social sunday glossier milky jelly cleanser
For a facial cleanser, we love the Glossier Milk Jelly so much. It's perfect for all skin types, gentle enough to remove any sweat/bacteria/make-up, and leaves skin feeling refreshed. For moisturizer, we can't get enough of Clinique's new Dramatically Differ Hydrating Jelly which is perfect for a deeper hydration. It has a special technology to lock hydration into the deepest parts of your skin for 24 hours! How cool is that? For lip balm, we'll go for the Balm Dot Com from Glossier pretty much all the time. It keeps lips from getting chapped and adds a bit of shine. Last but certainly not least–body wipes. We know this sounds like something for babies, but wipes are totally underrated for adults. Trust us when we say Body Wipes hold you over till you can shower next and leave you feeling fresh and clean. Our favorite wipes are YUNI Shower Sheets which are perfect for an extra clean between showers. 
So wherever you decide to go, and however long your flight is, don't forget these essentials that can make any trip that much more smooth and exciting. If you have a special trip planned, tell us about in the comments below, and let us know what your inflight essentials are! 


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