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What the Social Sunday Team is Listening to Right Now

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Spring is right around the corner, but we may feel a bit down since the cold weather is (still) sticking around. Music is the perfect way to combat those moods. There has been no shortage of music releases these past two months; we've been pretty spoiled! Here's what the Social Sunday team is listening to right now, and don't forget to follow us on Spotify for more stellar music recommendations like this.
Stef -- Blog Editor and Copywriter
 I’m currently stuck on Halsey’s latest drop, Manic. I loved both Badlands and Hopeless Fountain Kingdom, and they’re both fantastic, but Manic feels more genuine than anything she’s done. It’s colorful but heartbreaking, especially when she touches on her struggles with bi-polar disorder and experiencing three miscarriages. It’s a good reminder that even those in the spotlight go through things like that, too. If I had to pick my top three songs, I’d go with "finally // beautiful stranger", "More", and "I HATE EVERYBODY."
Sylvie Eskridge -- Graphic Designer
Lykke Li’s so sad so sexy. It’s not a new album but I’ve been obsessed with it ever since it came out! It’s her typical moody yet upbeat and catchy feel. It helps me power through deadlines because there’s a lot of instrumental I can zone out to and focus on my work while still listening, but her lyrics are also incredible and they’re put together in a way that makes it easy to sing along to.
Melissa -- Blog Contributor
I’ve been listening to Beach Fossils' first EP What A Pleasure quite a bit. My favorite songs right now are a tie between "Face It' and the title track.
Jasmine Tang -- Blog Contributor
I’ve been revisiting Ari Lennox’s Shea Butter Baby album. Her music is a modern take on neo-soul and her voice is so shea butter smooooth. My favorites off this album are probably "BMO" and "Facetime."


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