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Weed for Wellness: Q&A with Rosebud CBD Oil Founder Alexis Rosenbaum

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When Milk Makeup released their Kush Mascara on 4/20 earlier this year, I bought it just to own as a novelty item as a fan of the brand. With no initial knowledge on how amazing cannabis oil can be, the Kush Mascara is now one of my makeup bag staples. Marijuana laws are becoming increasingly lax and more research on cannabis oil means we’re expected to see more cannabis oil products budding in the beauty market. Rosebud CBD Oil has already been causing a blaze in the health and wellness world by enlightening people on the benefits of CBD, one of the hundreds of compounds in cannabis, and setting high (no pun intended) standards regarding the ethical sourcing of CBD oils. We had the pleasure to speak to Alexis Rosenbaum, the founder of Rosebud, to get the buzz on the company’s rise.
How did Rosebud come about?

Rosebud launched from a need for a transparent, organic, U.S.-grown and processed supplement that would help level my mood, reduce inflammation and pain, and most importantly, help me feel like the woman I knew I was. 

Since I was in middle school, stress and anxiety crumbled me. I tried it allpsychologist every two weeks, journaling, exercising and eating what I thought was a balanced diet. The only way to keep it in control was to controland control everything was what I did until I developed OCD. After being diagnosed with bi-polar depression and systematic OCD, my doctor suggested I see a psychiatrist and get an evaluation. This evaluation opened my eyes to the world of pills and it did not feel right.

I made some more lifestyle changes (a whole slew of shit) but the last piece that I needed was CBD oil. It gave me the relief I needed during my workday to feel relaxed, balanced, and more like myself. As I started to research and understand the industry, I learned how dirty it is. Rosebud grew from a personal need, but I have quickly come to find out how much it is needed by all of us. At Rosebud, we promise to always be transparent, to source from the same U.S. organic farm, and to always third party lab test every single batch of hemp.

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How does Rosebud strive to achieve sustainability? Has it been challenging to avoid certain practices like pesticide-use?

Our Co2 extraction process is the most environmentally friendly way to extract a plants natural compounds without altering themno solvent residues and no heavy metals or other impurities that are typically found in other extracts. In addition, Co2 extracts have been found to be nearly identical to the natural plant compounds with little, if any, chemical change after processing. Our farm grows all of their own hemp on-site. Our farmers are with the plants from start to finish and even process the oil. Rosebud is the second hand to touch our product. By cutting the number of people in the production line, we can offer a more farm to table approach with our extracts.

We third party lab test every batch of hemp to guarantee our organic processes. These test results show that we do not use any herbicides, pesticides or solvents / chemical fertilizers. Beyond this, hemp is the most sustainable pant on Mother Earth. It can clothe you, feed you, house you, and heal you. From seed, to stalk, to flower, hemp is going to change the direction of our world.

How would you describe your experience in the still (somewhat) taboo cannabis industry, especially as a woman?

First, as a white, middle-class woman in the cannabis industry, I have not faced much or adversity that didn’t get resolved with proactive thinking and networking. My privileges make my experience in the industry different from that of, say, a black middle-class woman. The experience has been really fun and exciting, but sometimes scary. I am a child of the “Just Say No” era and grew up under that belief. Cannabis is still very much illegal, but opinions, research, and people are changing. It is exciting to be a part of the movement!

The most difficult part is education. Right now we are operating in a grey area with little research and a ton of confusion. Rosebud is out to take a stance in our beliefs, core values, and research we have done to try and help reduce or eliminate the confusion.

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When people think CBD, the next letters to follow are THC, which might make them hesitant to try out CBD oils. What would you tell someone who is a bit on the fence on giving Rosebud CBD oil a go?

THC is the most well-known compound of the cannabis plant. It is best known for its mind-altering properties giving most of us an enjoyable high or stoned feeling. While we are focused more on CBD products, it is important to not push THC aside from medicinal use and potential.

Rosebud CBD has 0.3% THC or less in a 15ml bottle which is the legal limit. Research states this amount and under will not make a person intoxicated or high. Rosebud CBD is non-intoxicating and does not produce any sort of high or stoned feeling. It will be very similar to taking an anti-inflammatory pill. You feel like your best self after, but no “experience” is provided.

What’s the most creative way you’ve seen your oil being used for?

When we launched Rosebud our focus was on oral administration, but as time has grown on our customers are finding amazing topical results. This is really exciting because one of our core values and a part of the vision behind Rosebud is to be an all-in-one versatile product. Our customers are leaving reviews daily on our website on how they are use, when and where. It has been so fulfilling knowing so many people are benefiting from this one product in so many ways.

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I’ve read some testimonials and many satisfied customers mentioned finding out about Rosebud via Instagram. What are some ideas you have to continue expanding Rosebud’s social media presence?

We really want to showcase the lifestyle behind Rosebud and our creativity as a brand. CBD is a medicinal product and while most brands in the industry are sticking to that, Rosebud wants to be the bridge between cannabis flower user, CBD user, and non-user. No matter age, industry, or interest, we can all connect over the beautiful and bountiful plant that Cannabis is.

We have some fun photo shoots planned with campaigns that people may not find that funny, but they are at our root of who we are as a brand. Social media is platform that gives us space to express this creativity and messaging in different ways. I’ve been inspired by full-flower cannabis brands and want to bring that into the world of CBD.

In September we are flying a film crew to our farm in Oregon to capture some amazing content of the farm in full bloom, introduce our farmers to our customers, and showcase some behind the scenes lifestyle of Rosebud. Oregon is a legal state so my team and I plan to enjoy the dispensaries and take followers behind-the-scenes of my own mind when high. I think its going to be really fun and pretty rad!

What else should we expect to see from Rosebud in the future?

When we launched in April, we focused on direct to consumer. We needed to get our product in as many hands as possible to generate more interest and awareness around our brand and product. In the last few weeks we’ve been working on a wholesale and strategic partnership push. It has been amazing connecting with other NYC-based women and men in the cannabis industry.

We are working on a number of new products that we are excited about launching, one that I think women will go crazy over! We have a lot of work to do with formulating it and finding the right manufacturer. It is important to us to stay a whole plant, organic, and a clean company.

You can visit Rosebud's website HERE and their Instagram HERE!
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