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Love it or hate it, you literally CAN'T escape Valentine's Day. If you hate the holiday because it's a reminder of how single you are, focus on how grateful you are for your friends, and celebrate Galentine's Day instead! If you're looking to get your significant other a perfect gift but have no idea where to start and don't want to get cheesy flowers...this list is for you. 
Edible Arrangement: Because a bouquet that you can eat is more fun than a bouquet that you can't eat.
Crumbs Mini Cupcakes: Going along with the food theme. Don't even get me started on my obsession with mini cupcakes.
Bacon Roses: More food. I would literally cry if I received these in the mail. Perfect for your carnivorous significant other or friend.
Letters to My Love: Okay, this one is a little cheesy, but SO romantic! Write a letter based on each of the prompts and stick it in the envelopes for your bae to read at a date that you determine. 
Black Hearts Club Keychain: Get one for each of your besties who have hearts and souls as black as yours so you can all match. 
Lush Bath Bomb: Anyone who takes baths is obsessed with bath bombs. They make bath-time party-time! Perfect for your friends who could use some relaxation and self love! 
Pizza Card Don't get a card from the drug store. Borinnnnnng! This is punny and much cuter. 
Social Decay Tees: Last but not least, obbbbv our Valentine's Day capsule collection! Take 30% off these styles with code BEMINE at checkout! 


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