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Try These Skincare Hacks to Make Your Skin Look Fresh AF for Spring

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Spring means the sun is shining, the skirts and rompers are finally out of the closet and out on the town, and makeup looks are as dewy as ever. But with spring cleaning also comes the reminder to pay extra attention to your skin and give it what it really needs to thrive coming off of the winter season. Colder temps may be gone, but taking good care your skin is always in season. Keep reading for Social Sunday's top skincare hacks to make you look and feel fresh.
1. Clean your makeup brushes/beauty blenders weekly. 
Ladies, I really can't stress this enough: make a habit of cleaning your brushes and your blender/sponge every 7-10 days. Dirty beauty tools collect oil, residue, and are a breeding ground for bacteria–some of which can lead to fungal or staph infections. Yuck! The stiff brushes can also irritate your skin and cause breakouts. I recommend this solid brush cleaner from Sephora that includes a gentle sponge to make the job a lot easier. It has argan oil and a nice Moroccan fragrance, and it's fine to use daily if you want to be more meticulous. If you're looking for something more DIY-friendly, fill a bowl with lukewarm water and a few drops of your favorite shampoo. Gently massage the brushes using the shampoo, rinse them in the water, and repeat. Cleaning helps your precious brushes last longer, so you'll be saving money along the way, too. Win-win!
2. Use micellar water to remove excess makeup and unclog those pores.
Micellar water has become the hero product I never knew I needed. This cleansing water takes off every inch of makeup without being harsh on the skin. I go through my cleansing routine in the shower, and as soon as I step out, I pour a bit of the water on a cotton round and wipe in circles around my face. Try as they might, cleansers don't get every single inch of excess makeup (I'm a full-coverage foundation gal and I wear a lot of products). I pay extra attention to the spots just above the bridge of my nose and close to the eyes, near nostrils, my chin–anywhere makeup might be lodged after all-day wear. Hello, unclogged pores! Best of all, micellar water is affordable pretty much anywhere you go – the one I use retails for around $7.
3. Let your moisturizer and primer soak into your face before starting your makeup routine.
Your skin needs a few minutes to breathe and prepare for the makeup that's about to be applied. I've learned the hard way that rushing into your foundation without letting your face dry can have disastrous consequences. Liquid foundation smears everywhere and doesn't spread evenly, as your beauty blender won't work unless the canvas underneath is properly prepared. Sit tight, play your favorite song, and let your products soak into your skin and then you can dive right in.
4. Use serum in the morning and oil at night to make your skin glow. 
During both my morning and nighttime skincare routines, I give my skin what it's really craving. Derma-E's Vitamin C Concentrated Serum can help even out your skin tone and reduce redness. The nice, citrus-y formula is an amazing way to kick off the day. I use it after cleansing and rinsing my face and top it all off with moisturizer. Now for a personal favorite on this list: rosehip oil. I've started using rosehip oil daily after seeing tons of women raving about it online. Let me tell you–it's well worth the money! Doctors say it can soothe redness and irritation, calm acne, moisturize, and may even help to fade dark spots and acne scars. Be sure to use it at night so it can soak in while you sleep and work its magic.
5. Glossier Balm Dotcom is a dry skin savior. 
I had to include Glossier in this list! Their new mango Balm Dotcom is the perfect way to usher in sunnier days. Its heavenly, fruity scent combined with powerful skin salve action makes it a must-have this spring. Though warmer temps are finally here, I still fight dry skin year-round and I use the balm on certain dry spots on my face, my lips and cuticles, and anywhere that needs a little extra love. The beauty brand has also released an all-new iconic collection called Glossier Play, and trust us when we say it'll be hard not to purchase every single show-stopping product!
Have any products that have fresh spring vibes? Tell us about 'em below in the comments!


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