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4 Ways To Travel the World On the Cheap

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LO SHEPHERD Orlando Blogger Travel on a Budget Social Sunday

We’ve all seen those photos on Instagram where a girl is swinging on a wooden swing in the rainforest, or swimming in an infinity pool off the coast of Costa Rica. You probably thought to yourself, “Wow, that looks amazing! I wanna do that, but I’m not rich and I don’t have money to go on vacation.” If I’m being honest with myself, I can’t believe I’m even writing this blog because for the longest time I thought traveling was exclusively for the wealthy. But what if I told you that you actually have enough money to do what you want?  Or f I said, you could replicate those photos for half the price? Would you go? Whether it’s a Costa Rican beach (hi, it me) or a flat in Paris, France—you can make it happen. Luckily for you, I'm here today to spill all of my secrets. 

#1. Work while traveling
This may seem like it’s meant for those who already work remotelyand yes that can be the casebut this tip is for EVERYONE. It doesn't matter if your career is as a cashier at a grocery store because this is for you….yes, you, and to the people already scrolling past this tip, YOU TOO! There are tons of companies that offer part-time jobs in place of a place to stay or your airfare. One of the best ones is WorkAway. I have never been on one myself, but have many friends who have done them and have made the great memories. You create an account and can filter the search by dates you're looking to stay, what type of work you would be willing to do, places you'd like to visit, and how much time per week you want to work. The jobs are all over the world and here in America too. You can help raise chickens on a farm in Hawaii 10 hours a week for a free place or teach a child English in France for a free plane ticket. You can even score airfare and lodging by doing social media work for someone. It’s all up to you. If you want to see the world and don’t mind dedicating 10-20 hours a week to a service, then WorkAway is the site for you.
LO SHEPHERD Orlando Blogger Travel on a Budget Social Sunday
#2. Road trip with friends + split everything
This is probably the most fun way to travel because you get to do it with the people you love, and for a fraction of the price. It does require a lot of planning, but who doesn’t like making Google Spreadsheets (or is that just me?) If there’s a cool city, beach, or national park that you want to visit, grab a couple friends and drive there. Get away for the weekend and split the cost of everything. My friends and I did this for my BFF’S bachelorette weekend and I was surprised how affordable it wasand how much we were able to do. If you’re splitting the gas, tolls, Airbnb (or hostel price if you want to save even more money), then you save more and can use that for group activities. Groupon also has tons of deals if you buy tickets for a group of people and you can rent jet skis, kayaks, sunset cruises as a group and so much more. Check what cool places are within driving distance from you and start planning now!
LO SHEPHERD Orlando Blogger Travel on a Budget Social Sunday


I can’t stress this enough but traveling doesn’t have to break the bank. That’s something we all need to know. The most expensive parts to traveling are the airfare and the lodging. If you can get some of that taken care of (refer to tip #1) or find a way to keep the price down (refer to tip #2) then the other stuff will be a breeze. I honestly always look up “free things to do in X” before I go anywhere. I want to take advantage of anything that’s free. Sometimes this is a great way to see what local people are doing and experience their hometowns, rather than just being surrounded by other tourists and their selfie-sticks (seriously, why are those still a thing?) TimeOut is a great resource to see what free things you can do in whatever location you’re visiting and even find free events that may be going on while you’re there. Once you’ve conquered all the free things to do, you can save up for an activity that’s not free and don’t forget to check Groupon for deals before you pay full price for anything.


LO SHEPHERD Orlando Blogger Travel on a Budget Social Sunday

#4. Plan WAY in advance

This may take the fun out of spontaneous adventures but trust me, your favorite travel blogger planned that Rainforest trip months in advance. This is great because it gives you time to pay for things and to save. I always advise to buy your plane ticket first and buy it on a Tuesday or Wednesday at least three months in advance (this is when they will be the cheapest for your flight.) You give yourself more time to save money for your hotel or Airbnb and time to find the right place. Then a month or so out from your trip, your airfare and hotel have already been paid for and you still have time to save for food and any fun activities you want to do. Create a Pinterest board, look up geotags on Instagram, and see what other people who have visited have done and you may stumble upon the cutest coffee shop or thrift store. Planning ahead eases how much money you'll drop all at once and gives your heart more space to enjoy the trip and get excited for the memories you’ll make.


LO SHEPHERD Orlando Blogger Travel on a Budget


For all those sitting at home right now officially suffering from incurable wanderlust, I hope this inspired you start Googling and make it happen. Plan that trip, find friends to adventure with, do your research, and just GO! You can do it. Once you get over the hurdle of fear of cost and learn to make it work with what you have, you’ll see that anything is possible. You’ll be addicted to budget traveling and we’ll be addicted to seeing you soar. Heck, maybe you’re the girl in the swing in the rainforest. Whoever you are, we are so excited for all your traveling adventures!



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