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The Skincare Items You Need In Your Medicine Cabinet Right Now

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Everyone seems to be on a skincare kick recently, but how do you know what exact products to get for your skin type? How do you build the perfect skincare routine? Well, luckily we have the answers just for you (because we’ve wondered the same thing one too many times.) Here’s a list of all the items you need in your medicine cabinet right now!
Skincare Items You Need In Your Medicine Cabinet Right Now Social Sunday Amanda Smith
#1. Cleanser
My favorite is the Milk Jelly from Glossier. I also love Purity from Philosophy. Both are gentle cleansers for my dry skin. But hip- hip- hooray there’s a cleanser for all skin types out there! If you don’t know what cleanser is right for you, then take this quiz! It will ask you 3 questions about your skin and recommends what type of cleanser to look for. This makes it so much easier to find one fit for you and your budget.
#2. Toner
Now there are tons of reasons why toners are good for you, but if you have acne or oily-prone skin, a toner is a necessity. Number one, it shrinks pores. It gets down into the depths of your skin and cleans out those pores that have stretched over time due to being overly filled with bacteria, dirt and excess oil. Number two, it helps protect against breakouts by closing those pores we just opened up when we washed our face. Keeping your pores tight allows nothing to get in them that shouldn't be there (like burger grease from my fingers after I’ve eaten Shake Shack.)  Last but not least, it freshens up the skin. It will remove anything on the top layer of your skin right away along with the layers beneath. If you’re at the beach, pool, or out and about for the day, carry a travel-sized toner with you and some tissues and wipe your face down. This will keep your skin feeling clean and rejuvenated. A great toner that I like to use is the Hydrating Toner from Context Beauty.
The Skincare Items You Need In Your Medicine Cabinet Right Now Social Sunday Amanda Smith   
#3. Moisturizer
Everyone needs a moisturizer in their medicine cabinet (or five if you’re anything like me) no matter what type of skin issues you have. Moisturizer has a ton of benefits–and just in case you forgot here's a list of just a few. It keeps skin feeling soft, it hydrates your skin preventing break-outs, dry/dull skin, and early wrinkles. It keeps cell production in your skin cycling quickly which allows your skin to be firm, and bright. And lastly, depending on the type of moisturizer you have, it can target specific skin problems you are dealing with and help solve them. For me, I have dry skin and need a heavy duty and long lasting moisturizer. I love the Clinique Dramatically Different Hydrating Jelly and the Belief Aqua Bomb Moisturizer.
#4 Face Masks
This may seem like an add on product, and it can be, but it’s so good for your skin to give it a little extra TLC once a week. I am a face mask hoarder. It would be too embarrassing to show you my collection (and yes I somehow use them all.) There are face masks that target skin issues. So there are tons on the market specifically for you! I recently discovered a brand called “I Dew Care” (cute play on words) and I bought the Meow Mini Trio that comes with three travel sizes of their face masks. I tried the “Sugar Kitten” face mask for hydration and instantly fell in love. They have so many more and I am so ready to empty my bank account to get more. You guys can check them out here!
Social Sunday Skincare You Need In Your Medicine Cabinet Right Now Amanda Smith
 If you have any skincare questions or need recommendations on anything listed here, comment down below. If you like reading about beauty routines + products let us know by liking this article and sharing it with a friend. Now go pamper your skin, stat!  


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