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The Hottest Products To Celebrate National Hot Tea Month

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Nothing beats a cup of freshly-brewed tea when it’s cold and you’re lounging at home, binge-watching Netflix shows. This makes January the perfect month to be deemed National Hot Tea Month. With endless flavors and health benefits, you really can't go wrong with tea. And witch a rich history, appearance in so many different cultures, and a variety of preparation methods, tea-drinking is pretty much an art anyone could enjoy. Whether you're a devotea or new to the brew, here are six products to celebrate National Hot Tea Month:
1. Watercolor Zodiac MugZODIAC MUGS
Avid astrology maven or not, you can't deny that the Watercolor Zodiac Mug from World Market is gorgeous. Since you probably won't be sharing a mug with someone, why not get yourself a mug that's a bit more personal? Not only will your zodiac and its constellation be on the cup, but there's also a positive character trait associated with your sign on the inner rim of the cup (a little reminder that you're great!). And for under $10, this qualifies as anyone's cup of tea.
2. Double-Walled Glass Teacup Set
If you have some guests over who want tea, these little teacups from Amazon are sure to impress them. The double-walled glass is the epitome of minimalist chic and an interesting optical illusion. The double-walled glass also means that you can hold on to your cup of tea without scorching your fingers! The 2.5 oz size of the cups are absolutely adorable and holds just enough tea (which is usually enjoyed in small amounts).
3. Mesh Tea Infuser
If you're using tea leaves, then you are probably going to need a tea infuser to steep the leaves. To use one, all you have to do is put the loose leaves into the infuser, drop it into a cup of hot water, wait, then enjoy your flavorful tea. With so many tea infusers in the market, This mesh tea infuser from Amazon is the one to purchase. Because it uses a stainless steel mesh, you won't have to worry about your tea leaves being too fine and having particles leaking into the tea. There are also super cute and colorful styles to choose from, like the flowers shown in the picture above.
4. Bigelow Green Tea
If you're just starting to drink tea and looking for an everyday, no-fuss tea, Bigelow's Green Tea is an excellent choice. Green tea is a great place to start as a beginner since it's pretty popular and isn't overwhelmingly bitter. Bigelow's Green Tea in particular is inexpensive and is stocked in a lot of stores (I get my boxes from Target and CVS). The Bigelow has been around for over 70 years and I've been drinking their green tea for the past three years, so it's been tried-and-true.
P.S. These are tea bags, so no fancy utensils required!
5. David's Top 12 Sampler
Been seeing DAVIDsTEA around but never had the chance to try it? Their tea selection can be pretty overwhelming, so start with the Top 12 Sampler. For $26, you can try 12 of DAVIDsTEA most popular tea leaves —that's less than $2.50 per tea! Whether or not you're interested in the DAVIDsTEA brand, this is a solid kit for anyone who wants to start experiencing the rich flavors tea leaves can offer that tea bags may not deliver on as well.

6. Wayfair Basics Tea Box


(Photo from Wayfair)

Organizing all your tea bags can be easy and elegant with this tea box from Wayfair. It's a pretty small box so it won't take up much space on your kitchen counter. The clear plastic cover protects your tea bags while also giving you a full-fledged view of what's in stock. I don't see any cons at all—having a tea box is much better than what I used to do (shoving all my tea bags in a Ziploc bag and shuffling around to find the tea I want each time... a struggle).

What are your favorite tea products? Spill the tea in the comments below!


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