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7 Cruelty-Free Beauty Brands To Try In Honor Of Earth Month

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As we are nearing Earth Day (I hope you have your calendars marked for 4/22!) we wanted to spotlight some cool cruelty-free beauty brands. As an eco-friendly shopper myself, I made a decision a long time ago to only shop beauty brands that are 100% cruelty-free and that are transparent with their customers about their testing regulations. What’s amazing is that there are a TON of brands out there that care about animals as much as I do and that makes my skin and heart both very happy. Whether you're on a mission to go cruelty-free or you'd just like to learn more about some of the brands that have made that commitment, here are seven cruelty-free brands to add to your routine this month.

1. The Body Shop

The Body Shop Cruelty Free Beauty Brand Amanda Smith

Photo: @thebodyshop

When I think about a cruelty-free beauty brand, The Body Shop comes to mind almost instantly. Not just because they have been an outstanding leader in the cruelty-free movement all over the world, but also because they started a petition for anyone to participate in. You can actually read more about it HERE. I love The Body Shop for many reasons and the main one being they know your body and they literally have a product for everyone and every need. Products that work for you and that give back? Sign us up! Check out some of their initiatives HERE.

2. Too Faced

Too Faced Cruelty Free Beauty Brand

Photo: @toofaced

I have been a huge face of Too Faced for a while now and they are a great cruelty-free option to consider. I love their wide range of products and shades. If you’re into watching any beauty gurus on YouTube then you’re probably not a stranger to this brand. Some of my personal favorite products from them are their Better Than Sex Mascara, Born This Way Foundation, Chocolate Soleil Bronzer, and their Sweet Peach Glow Blush and Highlighter Palette. You can read more about their cruelty-free values HERE. 

3. Milk Makeup

Milk Makeup Cruelty Free Amanda Smith

Photo: @milkmakeup

Milk Makeup is a huge no animal testing beauty brand and not only stand out because of that but also stand out in the beauty space because of their diversity. Milk Makeup is known for being inclusive of all genders, shapes, colors, ethnicities, and more. How amazing? They are 100% cruelty-free, vegan, paraben-free, and are so honest about the ingredients they use. You can actually read their backlist HERE. Being someone who likes to have a natural makeup look but also play around with color from time to time, Milk Makeup is the perfect brand for me. For the face, you can't go wrong with the Sunshine Skin Tint Foundation. It's great for protecting your skin for the sun and giving you a healthy looking glow. Another favorite for me is the Kush Fiber Brow Gel, which I use every single day. 

4. Lush Cosmetics

Cruelty Free Lush Amanda Smith

Lush is another great beauty brand that comes to mind when thinking about cruelty-free and eco-friendly products. In fact, they are 100% plant-based, made with fresh ingredients (hence the short life-span some of the products have) and the packaging is low to zero waste. My sensitive skin loves how natural and gentle all of their products are, and if you return a few of the empty pots you use, you get a free Charity Pot on your next purchase, which is a body lotion that is dedicated to a specific charity!  Whether it's in the shower, bath, mask, or my everyday makeup-routine, Lush is mixed in somehow. I mean, didn't they invent the bath bomb or something? My favorite products are Ocean Salt, Butterball, Jumping Jupiter, Mask of Magnanimity, and Dirty just to name a few. 

5. Love Beauty and Planet

Love beauty and planet Cruelty Free Amanda Smith

Photo: @lovebeautyandplanet 

When it comes to our hair, it's so important for us to choose the best products. There are so many hair types, scalp types, and hair issues we face on the regular. Love Beauty and Planet understand that and our need to have clean, safe and cruelty-free products. I have been using their Coconut Oil & Ylang Ylang shampoo and conditioner combo for the last six months, and let me tell you. My hair has never felt softer, shinier, and healthier than ever! I also love their Argan Oil & Lavender Body wash and you guessed it, it smells heavenly. Their love for our planet just melts my heart.

6. David's Natural Toothpaste

Davids Natural Toothpaste Amanda Smith

Photo: @davidsnaturaltoothpaste

Want a cruelty-free option when it comes to dental hygiene? Of course, you do. David's Natural Toothpaste is not only a natural and organic toothpaste brand, but they are also cruelty-free. Animals everywhere are cheering! I have been using this toothpaste and not only does it keep my teeth clean and white, but it also feels great knowing the ingredients that I am putting in my mouth and that as a company they truly care about their carbon footprint on our planet and aim to educate their customers on sustainability. Vogue has featured them as well as one of the top natural toothpaste companies in the game right now.

7. Flamingo

Flamingo Cruelty Free Amanda Smith 

Photo: @meetflamingo

Shavings haven't ever looked and felt this great. Flamingo is hyper-focused on giving women the best shaving experience, with the best quality on the market. They are 100% cruelty-free and super affordable. Grab their infamous Shave Set that has the razor (which is incredible), and extra blade, shaving gel, a shower hook, a body lotion, and a reusable pouch for just $16. If you're not into shaving, no worries. They have their own at-home-waxing kits that are also cruelty-free! Voilà. Learn more about their story HERE

There are so many amazing brands big and small I could talk about that are making huge strides in the cruelty-free space. If you've tried any of these brands out, let us know which product you tried and how it worked for you.  


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