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The Best Apps To Level Up Your Instagram Game

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We all know the power of Instagram, and now it's not just about having a great feed. It's about having engaging stories, unique IGTV videos, and really being able to connect with your audience. As the weather warms up, there will hopefully be tons of photo opportunities for you to take advantage of. Plus, May is National Photo Month so take this month to experiment with new apps to keep your Instagram game strong. Here are four apps and some tips to try out in May:
1. Mojo
Many of your favorite Instagram influencers probably have super aesthetic stories made with the help of an app. There are a lot of apps out there to create cool stories with frames and stickers, but Mojo is one of the more underrated ones. What sets Mojo apart is the selection of animated templates. Mojo lets you transform your photos into videos that look professionally-edited. There are so many ways to customize your video stories with text, transitions, and more.
Tip: Enter emojis as text to add fun stickers to your stories!
2. StoryArt
As the name suggests, StroyArt can be used to make artistic Instagram stories. But one of the rather unique features of StoryArt is that it’s also a highlights cover editor. Having highlights covers might sound a bit “extra” to some, but for the way it elevates your feed’s aesthetic and how simple it is to make some with StoryArt, all you have to do is find a background and the icons you need (all of which are provided by the app) and you’re set!
Tip: Add wreath stickers as a cute accent when designing your highlights covers.
3. Huji Cam
We all seem to be obsessed with nostalgia. The Huji Cam, app will have your photos look like they were taken from a disposable camera from the '90s. HUJI is super simple to use—like an actual disposable camera, just press the shutter button and let your picture “develop”. Besides switching on/off light leaks, you don’t really have much control of how your picture turns out—which is the best part. It stays true to the disposable camera experience, especially since the filter the app applies to the photo actually makes your photos look “authentic”.
Tip: By default, the app also adds a timestamp to your photos with they year set to 1998, which is such a cute touch. But if you want to change the date or remove the timestamp entirely, you can do so in the lab’s setting.
Ever wanted to upload a picture to Instagram but wasn’t sure if it would match the rest of your feed? Gone are those days with the UNUM app. UNUM gives its users a 360-view and full control of how their Instagram feeds perform by scheduling posts and providing statistics on page views, likes, and more. Most importantly, they let you “post” a photo onto the app to preview how the post will look on your page.
Tip: You can start multiple “projects” where you don’t have to connect to your Instagram account and just build a faux feed out of pictures you upload to your UNUM project!
What photo apps have you been using to keep your Instagram game strong? Let us know in the comments below!


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