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The 5 Spring Makeup Looks You Have To Try

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Spring has sprung and it's time for our makeup looks to show it! If you're living somewhere cold, you're probably ready to bust out your coral blush, your colorful eyeshadows, and even more highlighter. Don't worry, we are too. Out with the winter and into the spring we go. Check out these five spring makeup looks you need to try now. Let us know which one you're going to try in the comments below!

1. Mint Green Eyeliner

Mint Green Eyeliner Spring Makeup Looks You Have To Try Amanda Smith
Never in a million years did we think mint green could be an eyeliner color, but it's 2019 and Glossier Play has a Technogel Eye Pencil in the shade "Early Girl." All I can say is thank you, Emily Weiss. Earlier this month we were all teased with a new product from Glossier, and of course, they delivered their most colorful, bold, and exciting makeup products yet. Try this on for size, and stand out from the crowd. Get ready for the compliments because this is a makeup trend that has spring written all over it. 

2. Bare Soap Brows

Bare Soap Brows Spring Makeup Looks Amanda Smith
Our eyebrows have gone through so many trends over the years. The makeup community has tried it all. The newest trend (and a perfect one for spring!) is the bare soap brow. This has got to be the easiest one yet. Why not give it a go? All you need it an eyebrow brush or a toothbrush, preferably not the one you use to actually brush your teeth! Rub your eyebrow brush against a very simple bar of soap and brush your eyebrows in the direction you want your hair to lay. What's amazing is you don't have to worry about shape, color, or symmetry. You're using less product, and showing off your natural eyebrow hairs! Voilà! 

3. Less Means More Gloss

The Less is More Gloss Spring Makeup Amanda Smith
Maybe you're looking for a more natural makeup look but still, want to be ready for spring. Well, get yourself a good gloss and you're set. Sephora's High Shine Lip Gloss is perfect for this look. What's amazing about a clear gloss is that you can use it just about anywhere on your face. Test it out first to make sure you don't break-out. Swipe it over your eyeshadow, your lips, a little bit over your brows and you've got a minimal makeup look that will shine for days. I love how clean yet unique this is, and it's so easy to do. You don't need to know much about makeup application meaning everyone from novice to guru can enjoy this look.

4. Yellow Eyeshadow

Yellow Eyeshadow Spring Makeup Look Amanda Smith
So you're not afraid of a little color and blending action? Perfect. This bright yellow eye shadow has been all the rage recently and it couldn't be any more perfect for spring. What's awesome about single color eye shadow looks is that you can keep the rest of your look pretty simple. Add some faux freckles, do a soap brow look, or wear only gloss for your lips. Decide on something that sparks joy for you and Marie Kondo would approve. An amazing yellow eye shadow shade that is also easy to blend can be hard to find, so here ya go. I found the perfect one! You can thank our makeup goddess Jaclyn Hill for that. 

5. Extra Glitz

Austen Tosone Spring Makeup Amanda Smith
Girls just want to have fun with their makeup. Are we right or are we right? Austen is rocking the Glossier Play collection and paired their Glitter Gelée with the Colorslide eye pencil in Critical Mass. Look how much fun she's having! Do we all have this much fun with glitter and color on our eyes? Yes, I think the answer is yes. Keep the rest of your face pretty neutral as the glitter will for sure stand out. Whether you're going out dancing, taking selfies, or simply just going to your local farmers market you can rock this look. Have a little extra fun this springtime and don't be afraid to dial up the glam factor.

After seeing these five beautiful spring makeup looks, I know you're ready to jump in front of the mirror and try them out. Let us know if you have tried any of these out or want to in the comments below and if you do test one out, post it on Instagram and tag us @socialsundaybk


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