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The 5 Bath Items You Need To De-Stress

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We all know winter is harsh and our jobs can sometimes be tiring. Whether you spent this winter traveling a lot, working longer hours, or running around hustling you're probably in need of a ~super~ de-stressing bath. I mean, we all could use one from time to time. What's amazing is that there are products out there that can make your bath even more relaxing. We scoured the internet and found five amazing products that you'll never want to be out of reach of your tub. Fair warning though, once you hop into the tub, you may never want to get out.

1. CBD Bath BombCBD Bath Bomb Kush Queen Amanda SmithPhoto: Kush Queen 

CBD bath bombs may make you wonder how effective they actually are but let me tell you, they are life-changing. If you have trouble relaxing your muscles, your mind, or your racing heart, let us help you. Kush Queen's CBD Bath bombs are decently affordable (you can scoop one up for $13) and they work well. Not only will your body feel so relaxed after, but it can also help stabalize your mood. This kind of bath is perfect way to end a busy work week and start an exciting weekend. You deserve it! 

2. Acupressure Pillow

Acupressure Pillow Bath Items You Need To Destress Amanda SmithPhoto: Amazon

If you're someone who sits at a desk all day to work or study, chances are you probably have a stiff neck. What's worse is that those muscles (unless you see a masseuse) aren't getting the proper treatment they need in order to release tension, stress, and heal. The ProsourceFit Acupressure Pillow is perfect to place on the back of your tub and move your head from side to side while it massages your neck. Great for reducing pain, supporting your neck, and relieving some stress built up from the day. Get yours here.  

3. Air Purifying Bath Plants

Bath Items You Need To Destress
Photo: Amazon

Whether you live in a big city where you don't get much time out in nature, or you practically live in a greenhouse, everyone agrees that having air-purifying plants in your bath/shower make the world of a difference. Our recommendations? Snake plants, pathos plants, aloe vera, and orchids. They all thrive in your bathroom, need very little light and water, and purify the air you're breathing. So inhale, and exhale all you need during your self-care bath routine. These guys are doing all the work while you're relaxing. Get some from Amazon that can be shipped right to your front door. 

4. Stress Relief Soap

Stress Relief Soap Bath Items You Need To De-Stress Amanda Smith

You'll be lathering your body with soap in the bath anyway, why not turn it up a notch? Aveeno really thinks of everything (I have so many of their products) and they didn't miss it when it came to stress relief. Their Stress Relief Foaming Bath soap has lavender (yum), and natural oatmeal. So while your mind is drifting off into a meditative state, your skin will feel soothed as well. Perfect! Pick up a bottle here.

5. Essential Oils

Essential Oils Bath Destressing Amanda Smith

Photo: Amazon

 It's nothing new that essential oils help with SO many things, and can aid to de-stress our minds and bodies. What's great it we can use them in a ton of different ways too. Throw a couple of drops into your bath, your soap, or your shampoo and you've practically created an at-home spa treatment. If you're a little skeptical about applying essential oils directly to your skin, get yourself an oil diffuser so it can be emitted into their air with water. This is a subtle way to freshen up the scent of any room too, especially your bath. Try lavender, eucalyptus, or peppermint to ease any stress you may have. Grab some affordable, 100% natural oils here. 

 You're all set to go. Grab your favorite item (or all of them, tbh) and slip into a stress-free zone. play your favorite relaxing music, or listen to a soundscape app and drift into a bath coma. If you try any of these out, let us know in the comments below. If there are any products we didn't include, let us know too. We're always up for an even more relaxing bath.


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