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10 Easy Ways To Celebrate Your Number One Lady This Mother's Day

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Mother's Day is right around the corner and it's that special time we can celebrate the woman that gave us life, literally. As J.K Rowling wrote in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, "He didn't realize that love as powerful as your mother's for you leaves its own mark." We couldn't agree more. Here are 10 ways to celebrate your mom this year, no matter your budget. 

1. Write a Handwritten Note 

Handwritten notes are rare gems these days. Tell your mom what she means to you and use the opportunity to share some of your favorite memories of her growing up. Tell her specifically what you appreciate about her. This will be, without a doubt, her favorite part of the day. She'll have something from your heart that she can look back on throughout the years and re-read when she's having a bad day. 

2. Flowers, Flowers, and More Flowers


Who doesn't love getting flowers? They brighten up any space in the home and overall bring in so much joy. Not to mention, they smell amazing. Grab your mom's favorite flower. If you don't know her favorite, no worries. Get a bouquet including some of her favorite colors. Pick them up at your local grocery store, or if you live in different states, mail them. Every time she sees them she'll be thinking of you! 

3. Her Favorite Sweet Treat

I love sending Edible Arrangements. I don't know what it is about them, but it's so nice to open your front door to chocolate covered strawberries and you would have to be crazy to disagree. Craft a basket with your mom's favorite fruits and you'll be good to go.

4. Create a Personalized Photo Album 

10 ways to celebrate your mother this mothers day
This may take a bit more time, but chances are you have some of the supplies laying around your apartment. If you don't have much money to spend this Mother's Day, don't feel bad. You can still give her a gift that means the world and something she'll probably keep forever. Creating a photo album (like a scrapbook) is so easy and you can include some memorabilia from your favorite times together. Visit a garden together recently? Include the brochure. Went to a movie on a rainy day? Tape those tickets in there! This will be sure to warm her heart and make her feel special! 

5. Cook For Her

After all those meals she cooked for you, she deserves to sit down and enjoy her favorite meal prepared by her lovely children. Find out what she's been craving/ loving recently and try to make it for her for a night in. If you need a little help, here's a really simple full course meal plan that almost anyone would love. Start off with a house salad and breadsticks. Then move on to the main course, this can be pasta, which is super easy to make, and really hard to mess up. For dessert, go for homemade cookies or apple pie. Top it off with a lovely cocktail at the end and voilà! You're saving money and feeding not just her stomach, but her heart as well. 

6. Pampering Day

No one works harder then your mom! She deserves a little pampering session and why not do it with the kids she loves the most. Take your mom our for a mani/pedi and you can catch up on your job, crushes, or noisy neighbors while you relax. You can find deals on Groupon if you're looking to save a few extra dollars, and most places serve you wine as well. Can it really get any better than that?

7. Clean Her House

10 ways to celebrate your mother this mothers day
Spend the afternoon while she is away running errands or hanging with friends to clean her entire house. That's right, it costs you no money, just a couple hours on manual labor. Do her dishes, the laundry, take out her trash out and even light some candles so the place smells nice for her return. She's probably dreading the task of cleaning the house, so take that off her shoulders so she can relax when she gets home.

8. Game/Movie Night With The Family

There's nothing that your mother loves more than spending time together as a family. Gather all the siblings, the pets, the cousins, the grandparents and plan a night in filled with games and their favorite movies. This costs you nothing except for planning around everyone's schedules. This may even be a fun night for you and an easy way to forget about everything else going on and just enjoy some quality time with the fam. Pop some popcorn and open up that bottle of wine, it's time for a game of Charades. 

9. Give Her a Special Gift

So your mom probably has a wish list on Amazon or screenshots on her phone of cute shoes she just hasn't bought for herself. Be a doll and gift her that special thing. If you don't know what to get her, ask her partner or closest friends what she's been recently talking about the most. Chances are she'll love you for it and be so surprised. Wrap it in her favorite color wrapping paper and add a little note inside to show how much you care. She won't have to buy it for herself, and anytime she's using it, she'll think of you. Need ideas? Check out our Women's Empowerment Collection for some comfy tees. 

10. Mother Daughter Matching Tattoos

10 ways to celebrate your mom this mothers day
This one may take some extra planning and bravery, but if it's something you've been wanting to do, or your family went through a rough time this year, take your mom to your local tattoo shop and get tatted as a way of staying connected. She'll have a little piece of you every day. I know one day I want to get a tattoo for my mom since she is a cancer survivor. I'm so proud of everything my mom has done in her life and for me and my family. I can't think of any other way to honor her than this. 

No matter what you do this Mother's Day for your mom she'll be sure to appreciate it and cherish it forever. And for all the mothers out there, thank you for all that you do. We see it, and we think you rock! 


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