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Essential oils and full moon rituals are no longer just the stuff of hippies. Little Shop of Oils was created six months ago by Jess Foster, who hand makes and curates face masks, healing oils, perfumes, incenses for rituals, and more. These are perfect for anyone who wants to get in touch with their spiritual side or experiment with some natural healing remedies. Not to mention, everything has the cutest packaging ever, and is made with love by Jess!

Social Decay: What sparked your interest in all natural apothecary?

Jess Foster:  have been working and educating myself in natural remedies for about 7 years now. I was trained to become a birth doula when I was 19 years old and since then I have been excited and dedicated to helping people make small, easy and natural changes in their lives. I kind of just meshed all of the things that I love and use daily and put them in pretty little packages so that others could also enjoy all natural plant based products. 

SD: What made you want to make all natural products based in spirituality rather than something more traditional?

JF: It kind of just came naturally. I don't think I ever really thought I would make it more than just a product. In anything that I do crystals are usually involved to amplify the benefits of the oils or whatever I am doing in that moment so I knew that crystals and stones had to be involved. I don't like to attach myself to any sort of organization or religion, I practice self love, and use more nature based tools to do so.  

SD: How did you start your business?

JF: I have always wanted to have my own business and its taken years for me to figure out what avenue and market I was going to target to. I graduated from FIDM with a BA in Business Management in 2013 and tested and tried to start several different business's that just didn't stick and weren't right for me. I moved away from LA, started midwifery school, worked as a full time nanny, started educating people on essential oils. But I just didn't feel like I was in the right place, I wanted something of my own. So in the midst of a full anxiety break down- I went and saw a reiki healer- decided to quit my job and create my own products full time, its only been a small 6 months of fully doing Little Shop and I couldn't be happier! 

SD: Can you give us a rundown on the types of products you're selling? 

JF: Most everything that I have in the shop will be herbal and crystal infused and always cleansed under the full moon. The moon is my muse and her energy keeps me inspired and charged with positive energy so it just came natural to also let my products soak up that wonderful energy. 

SD: What is your advice to someone who is looking to start getting into natural healing and spirituality? What should they start out with?

JF:  Natural healing really starts with you and your self care. In the beginning I started small- got rid of all of the bad beauty products I was applying to my body and face daily. Once I wanted to start healing my body inside naturally I looked to herb and essential oils. This is where it gets tricky and you definitely need to be educated in order to safely use and ingest healing herbs or oils. I recommend finding a friend or someone that you know thats in the industry or also interested in making a change. Im in a huge community of natural people that I learn from daily with the internet theres so many resources these days its amazing to connect and learn from all over the world.

SD: What's your most popular product right now? 

JF:  Right now its my full moon kits! Each month you get a different set of crystals or stones and a small full moon ritual. I have been doing some collabs which has been awesome and who doesn't love choosing crystals for people! 

SD:  What's your favorite thing for sale in your shop right now?

JF:  I seriously cannot get enough of Palo Santo right now. Its part of my morning ritual and I use my Palo Santo aura cleansing spray, its hard to go a day without it! 



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