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Remember back in January when we were featured in InStyle magazine? Well, things have come full circle, as we've had the opportunity to conduct a little Q&A with InStyle Editor-in-Chief, Laura Brown. Our CEO Sam was introduced to Laura at One Love Foundation's gala, right when our partnership with One Love was beginning! 
We look up to Laura because she's a successful woman in fashion who also keeps it real and has a great sense of humor–just check out her Instagram! We got to chat with her about life at InStyle and her involvement with charities. Read on to be inspired!
It's amazing that you're involved with One Love Foundation. How did your partnership with the organization come to be?
Isn’t it amazing? I was at the Fortune Most Powerful Women Summit, or as I like to call it, the Fortune Most Powerful Women And Me Summit, and Katie Hood, the One Love founder, was on a panel with my friend Christy Turlington. So I went to that panel, and was absolutely struck by how Katie spoke. I thought she was one of the most compelling and passionate speakers I had ever heard, and her dedication and love for these kids, who are not being treated as well as they could be by their peers, was incredibly striking. So right then and there, maybe over a glass of wine, we pledged to plot together.
How do you use your platform for good? What other causes do you stand behind?
 I think you have to be good to women, number one. So we do that at InStyle with Badass Women, which is a new platform that we launched to tell stories of really cool ladies and how you can get behind what they represent. Also apart from One Love, I support Every Mother Counts, I support people voting (even though I can’t vote), and I support people being good to each other in not too much of a heavy-handed way because there’s a lot going on and it’s a lot to digest for everyone. As I always say to my staff, I try to be positive and proactive in whatever I do. 
We absolutely love InStyle! Can you tell us what your favorite part of working there is?
LB: My favorite part of working at InStyle is having ideas with my team, and all of us producing them together to fruition. I still love it to death when people show up for this magazine and for me. I’ll never stop loving it.
Magazine life must be crazy! How do you keep a work-life balance? 
LB: I like to say that professionally I am an Icarus. I burn bright and then fall out of the sky. I run around a lot for work, I have to perform a lot, and then I really need to sleep. Without sleep, I would be a failure and I would fear for InStyle.
If you could choose anyone alive or dead to be on the cover of InStyle, who would you choose? 
I would do a double split-cover run with Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe in conversation. That would be badass.
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