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Jess Dye is the epitome of a New York City cool girl. She's the front woman of surf-rock band High Waisted— and if that's not enough, she's also a style blogger and a DJ at parties throughout the city. Plus, as you'll see, she rocks Social Decay like it's nobody's business! We've interviewed Jess about her band before, but she's so nice we just had to chat twice! This time, we're talking style and—of course—colored hair. Read on for more! 
Where do you draw your fashion inspiration from? 
My style changes with each new hair style. I like to be a style chameleon - revamping my look for a new tour, a new record, or a new song.  It keeps me inspired, like method acting - method styling.
jessica dye high waisted band
How does your off-duty style differ from your on-stage style?
My bandmates joke that I am always out of context Jess. My off duty style is just as wild and fun and experimental as my on stage style. Dressing up is a motivator to get my butt out of bed on dark winter days. If anything, my off-duty style is centered around tall, chunky boots and heels I can't jump around in on stage. The taller the better.
jessica dye high waisted band
When choosing outfits for shows, what's most important to you? 
Mobility first.  I can't do anything ill fitting.  There's nothing worse than worrying about a strap falling off or a boob falling out. And second I want to feel confidant in my garments - they act as a costume and help me combat stage fright.
You're always doing fun things to your hair—what are your tips for keeping color-treated hair healthy?
Stop washing your hair! Do cold rinses in plain old water, massage the scalp and then just condition. Also I swear by leaving in Olaplex. 
high waisted band jess dye
Where are your favorite places to shop in NYC?
I'm obsessed with Modern Vice for chic boots and 10 Ft. Single for denim. I love Worship for everything vintage.
Follow Jess on Instagram here and her band High Waisted here
Get tickets for High Waisted's May 5th show here. 


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