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This Sunny Playlist Will Help You Spring Clean and Reinvent Your Space

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Warmer temps finally have us emerging from our caves, and since it's already April, the season of spring cleaning is upon us. This can feel a bit overwhelmingespecially since I still find myself wanting to let the dishes pile up every night and wait just one more day to do laundry. But organizing and cleaning don't always have to feel like a chore. Take advantage of the new-found sunniness and let it motivate you to reinvent your space. It'll rejuvenate your spirit and hopefully take away some of the winter blues!  
I find it easiest to go one step at a time. Make an itemized list of everything you want to get through, area by area, room by room. Don't forget to have fun with it, too. For every space of your room or apartment you work your magic on, give yourself one free pass to nap, watch that next episode of New Girl on Netflix, or devour a sweet ice cream treat. And when you feel like you just can't motivate yourself, Social Sunday's got a playlist that's full of indie acoustic songs to soothe and inspire you to keep going. Follow us on Spotify for some awesome playlists and check out the songs below to prepare you for the sunny, productive days ahead.
What's your favorite song to blast as you clean? Tell us in the comments!



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