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Style Hacks That Will Actually Keep You Warm This Winter

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As much as we love fluffy snow and pretty snowflakes, cold winter weather can suck. Not only does the cold sting, but the weather also narrows our outfit options and the down jacket style just isn't as cute as a tailored coat. Sure you might not be able to whip out your favorite sundress, but there are some little tricks to ensure that you stay stylishly warm this season. These five style hacks will let you wear (almost) anything you want to wear all winter.


1. The Power Within


Take layering to the next level by starting your outfits off with a undetectable, super (warm) base. Heat-retaining innerwear like Uniqlo’s HEATTECH collection traps your body heat to keep you cozy, so that you can wear anything you want over it. It may sound a little odd, especially since innerwear looks too thin to do anything, but it really works. I’ve actually overdressed for the cold a few times because I had underestimated how warm I could be with heat-retaining clothing.


2. A Boot Boost

One of the best parts of winter fashion is the boots. But it’s not the most glamorous sight when they go through slush, snow, and other gunk (welcome to New York City!). Weather-proofing your them with a water repellent spray can extend the life and look of your boots. This spray from KIWI is tough stuff and will keep your boots looking fresh all season.


3. Warm Sole

Whether you love or hate the look of UGGs, the fuzzy fleece lining the boots provide is a dream in the middle of January. You can bring that same soft warmth into your boots and other shoes with wool insole inserts. Since these are inserts, you can always switch them into different shoes and remove them for cleaning. This pair from Amazon has over thousand reviews, with an impressive 4.3 star rating. At less than $15, a pair of these insoles also much gentler to your wallet than UGGs.


4. A Helping Hand


Gloves can add to a look and touchscreen-compatible pairs are pretty cool. However, I’m one of those people who just can’t stand wearing gloves, for some reason. Thankfully using hand warmers sets your hands free, without the freeze. They’re super cheap and super easy to use—just slip them into your jacket pockets and let your hands feel toasty. I’ve also heard of people putting hand warmers into their boots as well. Since they aren’t too bulky, they’re pretty versatile.


5. Fleece, Love, and Happiness
We all want to wear leggings all year round. As temperatures continue to drop, a pair of fleece-lined leggings will make a great investment. Throw on a Social Sunday pullover with the leggings and you instantly have a cute outfit that can actually keep you warm.


What style hacks do you have for the winter? Let us know in the comments!


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