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3 Women Spill The Tea On "Winging It" Early In Their Careers

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Winging It Social Sunday
The start of a new year often comes with making big picture plans, setting goals, and envisioning what you want your life to look like. But what happens when life throws you curveballs and your plans get derailed? You may not realize it but so many women who (in my opinion) are killing the game right now,  have been in situations where they've had to ditch the plan and be flexible to make things work, whether that means learning a new skill to stay competitive in their field or adapting to a totally different lifestyle when things fell off course.
In celebration of Social Sunday's newest graphic "Winging It," we spoke to three women about a time early in their careers where they had were able to shift gears and keep moving forward. 
Austen Tosone Social Sunday
Austen Tosone is a fashion + lifestyle blogger, freelance writer, and also Social Sunday's blog editor. She has written for publications like Nylon, Refinery29, Fashionista, The Zoe Report, and more.
Q:  Was there ever a time in your career when you had to forgo your plans and just "wing it?" 
A:  After I got laid off from my job as a magazine editor, I honestly wasn't sure what I was going to do since jobs in print media seemed to be disappearing rapidly. Not fully knowing what I was doing, I started freelancing for a few friends doing editing, writing, and even copywriting to make sure I could pay rent, and as it turns out I was planting the seeds for a whole career as a freelancer. Now I have a bunch of consistent clients and I feel much more confident about when and how I bring in money each month since I no longer have a consistent salary. 
Q How did this experience alter how you thought about your career and yourself? 
I always saw myself moving up the ladder at a magazine (graduating from assistant editor to associate editor to senior editor and so on) but the last nine months have made me realize that there are so many different things I can do and that maybe I don't just have to choose just one to be my whole career. It was a sink or swim moment and I found a way to make it work. It's been really eye-opening to think about all of the kinds of work that I can do today and in the future.

Mai Nguyen Winging It Social Sunday Blog
Mai Nguyen is a content creator and lifestyle blogger who speaks on important topics from mental health, female empowerment, diversity, inclusivity, and body positivity. 
Q Was there ever a time in your career when you had to forgo your plans and just "wing it?" 
There are just way too many times to count! Most recently, the team that I had worked on for two years was suddenly let go due to company changes. I was taken aback and completely lost, but more devastatingly, I had a career identity crisis. I felt extremely vulnerable to the fast-paced nature of business in New York and really had to address the question of where I wanted to take my career and what my next move would be. It created a lot of anxiety for me because the idea of aggressively hunting for a new job while also determining my future career path was intimidating. But along the way, I came to empower myself by remembering that I can trust all the hard work and experiences I've taken from the past as validation that I will be okay. In the end a job opened up and I've been there for six months now and could not be happier. My "winging it" moment was letting my hard work and determined attitude speak for themselvesthe rest will reveal itself in the right moments.

Q:  How did this experience alter how you thought about your career and yourself?
The entire experience and process has taught me to be more confident in myselfmy intelligence, my enthusiasm, my dedication, my experiences. And most of all, it was taught me that things do work out. Maybe not in the way I initially thought, and maybe not in the way I'll be able to foreseebut somehow I'll be lead to the right opportunities.

Sarah Potter Winging It Campaign Social Sunday
Sarah Potter is the founder of SP Projects,  an art advisory and curation business, specializing in exhibitions exploring modern-day mysticism.

Q:  Was there ever a time in your career when you had to forgo your plans and just "wing it?" 
A:  I am a major planner. I am a Virgo, and I truly love planning everything down to the small details. I know how I like an event or an exhibition to look and feel and I try to use being a perfectionist to my advantage. Life happens, people are unpredictable and wonderful and sometimes things do not go according to our best-laid plans. Sometimes we truly have to “wing it.” Being able to roll with the punches and not get knocked down when things don’t go our way or according to our plans is essential to being an excellent business owner. It’s not how hard you fall that matters, it’s always how you get back up and keep moving forward. 

Q: How did this experience alter how you thought about your career and yourself? 
A:  A few years ago, I curated a solo show for an artist who wound up having to drop out two weeks before the opening due to personal problems. I was stunned and terrified and shocked and a full whirlwind of emotions. What was I going to do? I let myself feel those emotions for a few minutes and then I put an end to it and asked myself how I was going to move forward. I thought of an artist I had been wanting to work with and felt in my gut that she would be just as crazy as me and we could pull off an incredible show together despite this insane timeline. I reached out to her and was fully transparent about the situation. I acknowledged that what I was trying to do was a bit insane but I was confident that we could work hard together and pull this off. And you know what? We did! It was a major smash, with great attendance and incredible sales, and it cemented our bond. We continue to work together and inspire each other to this day! 

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