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4 Sites & Apps to Help You Shop & $ave

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As someone who loves shopping, I’m going to admit that I’m
very good at spending money.
Making it? Not so much.
And saving it? That’s actually something I’ve learned to master. My wallet and shopping cart were finally able to see eye to eye once I discovered the world of digital couponing. Digital couponing isn’t your mom perusing the Sunday paper for coupon inserts to save on laundry detergent; it’s much less tedious (even fun at times) and you score deals on way more than just groceries and household items. Here are some of my go-to websites and apps that has helped me save some coins both in-store and online.
Shopkick is basically a shopping rewards app where you earn “kicks” that are redeemed for digital gift cards. There are several easy ways to earn kicks such as walking into stores and scanning the barcodes of certain products, which has turned my trips to the mall and the supermarket into hunts for gift cards. You can also just stay in your bed and watch videos for kicks, which is probably what we’re all familiar with doing anyway. The gift card variety is pretty amazing as well. I was able to save up enough kicks to get a $10 Sephora gift card to buy the Anastasia Dipbrow pomade for only $8! Honestly, it does take some time to gather enough kicks to redeem some gift cards—but the minimal effort necessary and the reward possibilities makes it worth it (persistence is key). gathers the best online deals under a single website. Rather than simply list coupon codes for you to copy, paste, and pray that'll work, explicitly outlines how coupons can be stacked and the steps to take to get the most out of any promotion. I'm actually subscribed to their newsletter so deals go straight to my inbox. It instantly makes my day when I check my email and get notified about some massive sale at Adidas or H&M.
Honey isn't an app nor a website, but a browser extension. It's is free in the Google Chrome web store and is the only tool you'll need for online shopping. With Honey, you no longer have to do the busy bee work of scrolling through web pages in search of coupon codes and testing them during checkout. When you're at the checkout page, activate Honey and it'll automatically apply coupon codes the extension has gathered from websites and users. It tests out all the coupon codes and finally enters the one that'll guarantee you with the most savings. If there aren't any working discount codes, Honey has some cash back opportunities available for certain stores. 
I'm a hardcore Grouponer. Groupon lets you know of the deals around you, whether it be cashback at a local restaurant or even a huge promotion at an eyelash extensions salon. Not only have Groupon deals helped me save money, but they have also gotten me to frequently try something new. I actually discovered some of my new favorite local lunch spots with Groupon. The fact that Groupon is helping local businesses gain exposure a huge plus as well.
What are some of your $aving hacks? Let us know in the comments!


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