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Self-Care Techniques to Combat Stress During the Holiday Season

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It's hard to believe that Thanksgiving is just days away! The holiday season is synonymous with words like joy, peace and love, but another word often associated with this season is stress. That's inevitable for many as we find ourselves rushing around trying to check off everything on our shopping list, attending all those holiday parties we feel obligated to RSVP to and visiting family we may or may not have great relationships with. Carving out time for yourself is a sure-fire way to combat stress and makes managing our busy schedules a little bit easier. Try these techniques to ensure self-care doesn't fall by the wayside.
Only say yes when you really want to
Receiving an invite to a party is flattering, but that doesn’t mean you have to check yes to every invitation. Learn to let go of the need to say yes to things that you don’t actually want to do and embrace graciously declining. It's okay to slip into your jammies, watch that new rom-com on Netflix and have a night to yourself--we promise!
Prioritize sleep
We know this sounds like a no-brainer, but one of the top things that we neglect when we’re stressed out is sleep. Yes, sometimes your schedule may require you to stay up later or set an alarm an hour earlier than usual to fit some last minute shopping, but try getting to bed an hour earlier than usual or sleeping in a few extra hours on the weekend. The more sleep you get, the better you’ll feel.
Relax with a face mask
Holiday travel can dry out your skin or even leave you look and feel exhausted. The Summer Fridays Jet Lask Mini is the perfect face mask to take home with you for the holidays, and it will leave your skin glowing. Putting on a mask forces us to sit down and rest -- even if it’s only for five minutes--and that is 100% worth the purchase!
Don't forget about exercise
Whether your preference is for yoga or a high-intensity workout, fitting exercise into your routine is shown to help with depression and anxiety. Use the season as an excuse to try a new class you’ve been wanting to check out or book with a friend to help you accountable for showing up. Whatever you do, keep your body moving and grooving.
How do you use self-care to de-stress during the holiday season? Let us know in the comments!


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