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Cherie Currie, along with her band, The Runaways, exemplified girl power in Rock n Roll. In the 70s, Rock was dominated by men. Women who played rock music weren't taken seriously, and were often mocked by male contemporaries. Ultimately, the joke was on the men, due to the huge success that these women received, proving that anything boys can do, girls can do just the same—if not better. 

The Runaways were formed in 1975, and Cherie was only 15 years old (clearly much cooler than we all were at 15). Their debut album was released the year after, in '76. If you haven't seen the movie, The Runaways, you should definitely watch it! Joan Jett was a producer for the film, and it tells the true story of the band's formation and rise to success.

 Much of the band's image was centered around Cherie Curie's sexuality. She often commanded the stage in lingerie—garter belts, thigh highs, and all. This, plus suggestive lyrics, made her a sex icon as well as a fashion icon. Like, "I'll give ya something to live for / Have ya, grab ya til you're sore!" HELLO! Despite the reasons why people may have given her a chance in the first place, she and The Runaways held their own at venues where mostly all-male bands held down fort, like CBGB's in NYC. 

Whether she was wearing a barely-there getup or a simple tee shirt and jeans, she always killed it. Cherie's style and persona were iconic, and though The Runaways did not last together for very long, they had a huge impact on the music industry and helped pave the path for women in rock n roll. 


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