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Remember These 8 Beach Bag Essentials When Packing for a Day in the Sun

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The sun is finally shining and the dresses are being taken out of our closets and out on the town. It’s practically beach season, and we couldn't be more excited. Before you head out and enjoy the summer weather, make sure your beach bag is filled with everything you might need. Keep reading for Social Sunday's essentials for a sunshine-packed day on the sand! (P.S. Our Meditate & Manifest muscle tee is the perfect shirt to throw on over a bathing suit. You can shop it here.)
1. Hair ties, specifically plastic spirals (if that's your thing)
We know you probably always have one on your wrist, but bring extras just in case! The clear plastic spiral ties are fabulous because they leave no creases in your hair and don't hurt your scalp like normal ones might (also pack some bobby pins, in case those flyaways refuse to chill).
2. Bluetooth speaker
This one's a no-brainer. What better place to blast some tunes than hours at the beach with your best pals? Make that sunny, happy playlist and get it crankin'! We recommend using a waterproof speaker so your current one doesn't get ruined. Click here for a list of waterproof devices for any budget.
3. Tampons and pads
Even if you aren't on your period, someone may have that monthly surprise out of nowhere and be unprepared, so it's good to always keep a stash in your bag. Help a sister out here!
4. A cooler full of drinks and cups to match
   Technically, these won't fit in your bag, but they're still necessary. ;) Some beaches allow alcoholic beverages but most don't, so check to make sure you're not breaking any rules if you do bring those wine coolers. Other delicious substitutes for alcohol include pink lemonade, any of the V8 splash fruit juices, or the OG Capri Sun juice pouches!
5. Headphones
Even when you're out and about with your friends, sometimes you need a little time for yourself, and that's perfectly okay. Grab your trusty pair of headphones and pull up your favorite playlist. Your girls will understand you taking a bit of time to de-stress.
6. Squirt guns, frisbees, anything that unlocks your inner kid
When it comes to the beach, don't afraid to go ALL OUT. We're talking squirt guns, noodles, frisbees, anything like that! Pack a volleyball if you're feeling extra sporty (we know you've still got those mad kills from seventh grade, don't lie). Badminton is also cheap and easy to pack–plus you get quite a workout chasing after those birdies.
7. A good book...or two!
I always bring a book to any social gathering or long event, because I never know when I'm going to end up needing it. Bring a sugary paperback (or two) you've been meaning to start and read while lounging in the sun. It makes the time pass like no other, but make sure you don't get carried away and lay for too long in the sun! Need sunblock recommendations? Click here for a list of Social Sunday-approved sunscreens to make sure you don't get burnt to a crisp.
8. Last but certainly not least, pack with you an "unplugged" mindset.
We get that your phone is necessary for safety purposes and for recording memories, but don't stay glued to it all day long. Live in the moment and be present with those who came with you. Our brains can always use a little time off from constantly checking emails, Tweets, and those Instagram likes. You'll thank us later!
Have any other essentials you always throw in your beach bag? Let us know in the comments!


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