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Sasha Hlavinka is doing something that really hasn't been done before—making sleep masks that are luxurious, comfortable, AND funny. Anyone who's bought a sleep mask in CVS or gotten a free one on a plane knows that they can actually be super annoying and hinder your ability to sleep. As someone who suffered from sleep problems, Sasha set out to solve the problem herself, and ended up creating the coolest sleep masks ever. Read on to learn more.
You studied Fashion and Marketing at the university of Rhode Island, right? Did you think you were going to end up in apparel, or did you already have the sleep mask idea in mind?  I always loved fashion but never had an exact idea of what I wanted to to within the industry. I started Perpetual Shade 10 years after I graduated! 
What other jobs did you have before starting Perpetual Shade? I worked for my dad for a few years after college at his wholesale meat company in NYC. He had one of the original meat companies in the Meat Packing District. It was a lot of fun but I knew that I would eventually move on to something else. 
Why did you choose to focus on sleep masks?
 I suffered from a sleep issue as a kid and could not find a suitable sleep mask. The masks available were not comfortable and actually prevented me from sleeping. I knew there was a void in the market for a comfortable, fun mask that I could fill. 
Which sleep mask that you sell now is your current fave? Definitely the black cotton 'Ciao For Now' sleep mask!
Where do you get inspiration for the sayings on the masks? Mostly from pop culture and just my life in general. I like to believe that I am the brand ha! 
If you could have any celebrity in the world wear your masks, who would you pick? Kim Kardashian (don't judge :p )
What's next for Perpetual Shade? We are working on expanding our line of sleep masks to include scented and an 'anti-aging' collection. We are also creating fun gift sets that combine our masks with our loungewear.
Shop Perpetual Shade HERE and follow the brand on Instagram HERE
Pssst -- we sell a couple of PS styles on our site, and will be adding more in the future! Check them out HERE.


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