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Aysia has a job that many photographers (and non photographers) envy. She gets to go to incredible concerts, hang out with famous musicians, and take bad-ass photos. Dream job, right? Read on to learn about how she got started, her favorite gigs to photograph, and how she keeps her cool.
SOCIAL DECAY: How did you get your foot in the door shooting music?
AYSIA MAROTTA: I've been behind a camera longer than I can remember. But, I started shooting music when I first moved back to New York six years ago. A friend of a friend had been on the search for a photographer to shoot The Maccabees at Music Hall of Williamsburg for a publication he'd started. I never heard of the band, or had been to the venue, but was offered the gig so I thought, "Why not?" I didn't know what to expect, as I was never granted a photo pass to officially shoot with a band before, so it was intimidating, but exhilarating. Not only did that night spark a love for shooting live music, but The Maccabees wound up becoming one of my favorite bands, and led me to a phenomenal collective of female photographers who love the band just as much as I do!
SD: What made you want to shoot concerts and musicians rather than fashion and beauty, for example?
AM:  I find I was drawn to continue shooting music because of how profound music has always been in my life. An 'audiophile' could best describe me. To be able to incorporate my passion for film and photography with my undying love for music has been a blessing. I even find when I'm shooting fashion or beauty, that music somehow influences how I shoot in those types of settings as well. 
SD: Do you have a favorite concert you've shot?
AM: It's really hard to choose a 'favorite' gig that I've shot. I think I'd obviously have to choose The 1975. I've shot their sets so much over the course of the past three years, that they've helped me grow as a photographer. Love them or hate them, they're in a league of their own. Being able to capture their transformation has been a true privilege and learning lesson as a photographer, and as a fan of their music.
SD: Who are your influences as a photographer?
AM: After having the privilege to work on one of his projects, I've been super inspired by Danny Clinch's work. I also really love the work of Ryan McGinley, Mick Rock, Zackery Michael and Cecilie Harris to name a few. 
SD: How do you keep calm and not get too star struck when shooting musicians that you're a fan of?
AM:  I surprisingly somehow keep my cool pretty well around artists I'm photographing. Even though sometimes it's extremely difficult (I get my internal fan-girl moments). I think it was mostly the realization that they're no different than you or I. 
SD: Who would be your dream celebrity to shoot?
AM: There are far too many celebrities I want to shoot with. But if I had to narrow it down, it'd have to be either Mick Jagger or Keith Richards - or both together! 
See more work on Aysia's website and follow her on Instagram @aysiaandhercamera


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