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We spoke to redhead bombshell Cait Ford (or slayboy.bunny if you know her from Instagram) about her life of modeling and her love of vintage. Her vintage shop, Badlands, is on hiatus but will soon be back and better than even. Get to know Cait and learn what's in store for the shop. Plus, she reveals her perfect hair secrets!

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Which came first, your love of modeling or love of vintage?
Cait Ford: Hard to say! I think my love for vintage was sort of engrained when I grew up training in a ballet studio. You're always wearing very old costumes and performing these classic stories, so the vintage concept was just always "there". When I jumped into the musical theatre world as a teenager, it REALLY started. Being surrounded by all those costumes from every era imaginable! However, the vintage and modeling kind of came hand in hand. I started taking both seriously around the same time. Actually, all of my first modeling gigs were pin/up themed, so they literally were modeling and vintage combined. So yes, truly hard to say which came first! 
SD: How'd you originally get into modeling? And how'd you get into vintage?
CF: I started modeling around 18. I had done a few photoshoots for fun with some friends who were studying photography and one day I got asked to model for a big local designer. She liked my look after seeing me on Instagram and it all started there. I started working with a lot of local photographers and artists, and I was just lucky enough to be a part of Boston's rich and ever growing art community. I've had a few big publications here and in Europe, and I've been lucky to walk in a few runway shows. I really love it, after spending most of my life on stage, it's just another way for me to express myself and perform. 
Now the vintage thing has only been a real "thing" as of recently. I started my shop after walking home from my soul crushing call center job in the pouring rain, and feeling like a total loser. I had wanted to resell vintage forever but didn't have the guts. But a lot of my friends inspired me and encouraged me to do it. And I'm glad! People ask me about it all the time, which is really neat. I have had more than a few bumps in the road as a business but I am so ready to kill it next year! But yeah, vintage has always been in my life, like previously mentioned, I was always decked out in genuine vintage costumes for ballets and musicals. But aside from that, I spent my childhood thrifting with my mom and grandma. I was always wearing vintage, even as a little kid. We didn't have a lot of money, so thrifting was all we could afford. But I think that was a good thing. I didn't dress like everyone else and I didn't want to. Luckily my parents always let me wear whatever I wanted because I was definitely into some whacky vintage. 
SD: What's to come for your vintage shop, Badlands, in 2017?
CF: Well, I am definitely planning on upgrading everything! When I started the shop I didn't have a car, so I was limited to the local thrift stores I could walk to and from. Now that I finally have one, I can venture out of town and find some really rad pieces! I want to focus on adding more unique and rare pieces, offering a little more "high end". Everyone who follows me knows about my cheap band tees and Harley crop tops, and I love those because I want to sell something affordable...but now I want to have both. Affordable cool tee shirts mixed with things like rare vintage leather moto jackets and badass boots, maybe more jewelry too. A mix of all price ranges. Oh and I'm totally gonna make an actual website instead of just DM and PayPal! I want to be more professional in every way. 
SD: What is your favorite thing about vintage clothing?
CF: I love how well made it is. I feel like things aren't made well at all anymore. I'd rather save my money and invest in something that will last. Everything is so disposable now, even if it's not cheap. And half the time the company is using questionable labor. I don't want to support that. I don't want to give into corporate greed. When you're buying something vintage, you know you aren't feeding into that system and you're most likely supporting a small business at the same time. 
SD: What's your favorite vintage piece that you own?
CF: I have a pair of amazing Frye boots from the 70s. The leather is so wrecked up, but I don't even care! They're so broken in and comfortable. They're also older than me, and I think that's rad. I also have an old turquoise ring that was my late grandmothers. It has that secret compartment that opens up for hiding things in (probably drugs) which is pretty bad ass (not condoning the drugs though!) I love wearing her jewelry, she passed away when my mom was a kid, but I've always felt close to her. I've been told we rock a similar style and the same bright red hair. 
SD: Your hair is amaaazing! What's your secret to maintaining healthy and vibrant hair?
CF: Thank you! I have a very specific routine...I don't wash my hair ever, or style it unless I have to take pictures, and I don't blow dry it. My hair is red naturally so I am lucky that I can keep it so vibrant with just a little help. Also...I dump oil into it. All the oil. Every kind I can find. Basically, what I am saying is, keep your hair greasy and be lazy... and it'll look great the one time a month you actually style it and have a photoshoot. 
Follow Cait on Instagram @slayboy.bunny and get ready for the Badlands relaunch at @badlands.usa


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