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We met Adriana (and Mariah) at Brand Assembly a few months ago in LA and fell in love with them and the brand they were repping—Little Words Project! They have the cutest little beaded bracelets, and they stand for something simple yet powerful: being kind. We interviewed LWP founder Adriana Carrig to chat about starting her own business, work-life balance, and spreading kindness. 
Okay first off, how do you have so much energy!? When we met at the trade show in LA, I was blown away by how sweet and energetic you are. You just radiate positivity.
You are so sweet to say that! I definitely think I have the ability to "turn it on" when I need to, but I also know when to "turn it off" and take a breather. I think that's how I am able to stay energetic when I need to be like at trade shows or street fairs. I understand that every interaction I have with someone new should be treated like the most important interaction I could have all year because you truly never know how that simple interaction could affect you moving forward. 
What were you doing before you founded LWP, and what made you want to start your own business?
I actually was working at a boutique marketing agency in the city. I had always wanted to start my own think but I didn't think I had the tools or education to do so. Then a friend of mine gifted me the book called "The $100 Startup" and I decided to go for it. The book really helps put into perspective just how easy it can be to get something started if you believe in yourself and have the simple tools to do so. What's hard, is keeping something going and growing at the same time. 

As a business owner, how do you balance your work and personal life? You're recently married!
Yes I am indeed a newlywed! It's been a crazy year planning for the wedding, then honeymooning and now buying our first home. That said, it hasn't been too difficult to balance it all because I luckily have a rockstar team at LWP that has been helping me hold down the fort whenever I'm gone and an incredibly supportive husband who doesn't mind when I have to do a bit of work from home. I honestly love my job, so if I have to jump on and answer an email on a weekend, or get a product listing up and running for a sale at midnight from my couch- I'm happy to do it. 
Were you bullied when you were younger? What inspired you to create a business with a mission of spreading kindness amongst women? 
Yes, unfortunately, I was. Growing up, I often found myself dealing with negativity from others- girls especially. I had experienced so much, in fact, that I wanted to create these inspirational word bracelets to help me through tough times. It wasn't until college when I introduced them to my college sorority that I realized how much positivity it could bring to groups of women everywhere. I thought, if this could work in this small social microcosm then why couldn't it work if brought to the masses? I wanted to create something that could inspire kindness amongst females and I am happy to say- it's working. 

How did you come up with the idea to make the bracelets able to be registered and tracked? It's so cool! 
Once I decided I wanted to bring this to the world at large, I knew I needed a way to keep people engaged with their bracelets. I thought the whole fun of passing your bracelet on is getting to see where it went and who it affected along the way. You rarely get to see how your single act of kindness can affect more and more people down the line, so I wanted the registration page to be a way for customers to do just that. 

Which bracelet available for sale is your favorite right now?
Oh my gosh- that's like asking a mom who her favorite child is! I love all the products we offer as I really feel that beyond being inspirational- they're also super cute! But if I had to choose, I would have to say the word Strength in the Enchantment style is my favorite. I am a huge fan of the white acrylic letters because they really bring me back to my youth when making these bracelets was my way to escape and feel good about myself. 
What's next for LWP?
We have a ton of new products launching in 2018 and are even instituting a price drop in January. We want to make sure customers are able to buy tons of these bracelets and feel good about spreading them person to person. To do so, we felt it was necessary to readjust our pricing structure to enable people to purchase as many as they'd like guilt-free! 
Beyond that, we have big plans to bring Little Words Projects to schools and help young girls who feel like they don't have a place, or a solid group of friends, or simply anything to do after school, find solace in our teacher-led clubs. This, of course, is in the very beginning stages of planning and will take quite a while to execute well but we are so excited to get started and really be able to have an impact on girls everywhere. 
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