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This weekend, the Punk Rock / Heavy Metal Flea Market  was held at the Queens Museum for a very good reason: The Ramones exhibit! Vendors gathered in the open space in the museum next to the couple of rooms where the exhibit was happening. Between selling and meeting loads of customers, I was able to check out the exhibit. It was surreal seeing clothing items and instruments that belonged to the band literally RIGHT there. One of my favorite parts was that they had loose leaf paper with lyrics written on them (protected by glass cases, of course). The Ramones' tour manager, Monte Melnick, was there, and we got to chatting about life on the road and some Queens history! Before I left, I gave him a Social Decay tee and he gave me a poster! Here are some photos I snapped throughout the day. 

Be sure to come visit us at the next Punk Rock/Heavy Metal flea that we're at to score old/current/future styles at discounted prices!


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