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I HAVE A CONFESSION. I DIDN'T ALWAYS LOVE ROCK 'N' ROLL. I mean, I knew about rock. After all, I was constantly singing along to Britney Spears' song "I Love Rock n Roll," which I later learned was not even her song. I was quite exclusively a pop music lover. My first concert was Hilary Duff, right after her Lizzie McGuire heyday. These were my idols. I would get very mad at my dad when we were driving in the car and he would choose a super long rock song with a 2 minute long interlude plus a guitar solo. I didn't understand it.


 In college, I took an elective called The History of American Music. I learned about all these incredible musicians, their life stories, the struggles they went through, and the masterpieces they created. We listened to the music that inspired rock, and then some of the first songs that really embodied rock n roll as we know it today. Then, I understood. Soon after, I became obsessed with learning about musicians lives, how they started playing their instruments, and the people who inspired their lyrics. It took me a while, but I finally knew it: There was more than pop music.


So, here is my gift to you. A playlist with some of my favorite rock n roll songs and crowd pleasers so you can relish in the beauty of the drums and guitar and bass and pianos and vocals and raw emotion. Despite all the newer music that is released and the genres that emerge, rock n roll will never die. 



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