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These Packing Hacks Will Give You Extra Space For Your Holiday Travels

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December is upon us, and the holidays will be here before we know it! Hopefully you'll be getting some much-needed time to rest up and buy a little something special for yourself (or two or three, we don't judge). We all know packing is a dreaded part of any getaway. Whether you're embarking on the annual family road trip across the country or a spa vacay with your pals, we've got you covered when it comes to saving space. Keep reading for packing hacks that will give you the extra room you need for all of your holiday travels.
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Roll your t-shirts and other clothing items.
In my opinion, this is the absolute best space-saving trick to use. Roll your clothing items–specifically t-shirts–to free up waaaay more space in your luggage. You can do this with basically anything: jeans, sweaters, blouses, you name it. For pieces you want to get minimal wrinkles, I suggest laying them flat between layers of clothes in your suitcase. Not flying? Hang them up on hangers and put them up on the hook next to your seat in the car. This ensures that big-ticket items like dresses won't see any more creases. 
Put shampoo and conditioner into travel-size bottles. 
I used to bring full-size bottles with me on trips, but I've since learned my lesson. They take up more space than I'd like and somehow end up leaking all over everything. Thankfully, you can buy cheap plastic bottles at most stores to fill with your favorite shampoo and conditioner. Don't forget to double bag them–the small bottles could still open up inside your luggage!
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Get mini versions of your favorite makeup products or make your own "travel versions." 
One of my favorite Sephora brands, Kat Von D, has miniature versions of their liquid foundation and the cutest little translucent powder. I don't have to worry about those big, clunky products taking up too much space in my makeup bag. I also have "travel versions" in a makeup bag that I reserve specifically for throwing in luggage–a duplicate RealTechniques foundation brush, a felt-tip eye liner, a $4 mascara, and other items that I never worry about forgetting at home.
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Plan outfits ahead of time and don't go too crazy with your wardrobe. 
I know how difficult it is not to pack your entire closet for your annual holiday trip to Florida, but girl, I promise you do not need five pairs of shorts, three pairs of tennis shoes, and your entire earring collection. Whether the climate is hot or cold, mix and match different items! Bring favorite items you know you'll repeat throughout the trip. That's the fun of going away–you have all the time in the world to accessorize and experiment with your outfits.
Bring a backpack or mini suitcase as a carry-on to hold chargers, books, magazines, etc. 
I can't stress this enough: bringing a backpack or a mini suitcase as a carry-on is a LIFESAVER! My go-to is a backpack I used in college, as it has water bottle holders, extra pockets, and plenty of space for my tangled mess of chargers and trusty copy of Bridget Jones' Diary. It's light, easy to carry around with me, and doesn't take up too much space in a car or an airplane. Plus, the more you fit in your carry-on, the more room for your favorite clothes in your luggage. 
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Keep a journal to track your travels and purchases.
We can go a little crazy on vacation with the #treatyoself mindset. It's definitely not a bad thing to buy gifts for yourself and your friends, but don't empty your bank account! Buy a cute colorful journal to keep track of your spending in, so when it's finally time to go home, you can fit everything in your suitcase and not worry about going over the limit. Airports have a certain luggage weight (usually around 50 pounds) and you'll be charged an extra fee if you go over it. If you're driving instead of flying, then this won't be too much of a problem for you–but it's still a good idea to be conscious of how much you're spending.
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Do you have any travel tips you'd like to share with Social Sunday? Tell us in the comments!


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