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I've been wearing glasses for 25 years. I remember my first pair, they were blue metal with a pink purple and blue marble frame - and they were huge.  But that was cool at the time, it was the 90's.  By the time I was 12, I convinced my parents to get me contacts so I could get rid of my nerdy glasses and be cool again.
Fast forward 100 years, or what seemed like it, I was having trouble with my eyes and my eye doctor said I would likely go blind if I kept on wearing my contacts for 12-16 hours a day and NEVER wearing glasses. That is when I became an addict....
...To online glasses shopping.
When you have to wear glasses, and I mean HAVE TO (not oh i want to look cool so I am gonna buy some fakeys from Urban Outfitters). You want to have as many glasses options as you do outfit options.  I became obsessed with shopping online for new glasses, and to save you all the trouble, I did a round up of some of my favorite online eyeglasses retailers for other blind babes out there. (Editor's note: Alissa's prescription is, like, -7.25. Ooooof)
Bonlook has an INSANE selection of glasses. All at totally reasonable price points. They are always adding new styles and collaborating with fun artists to make the latest collection.
Warby Parker
Everyone knows Warby Parker, probably the hippest of all online glasses retailers, they also have stores where you can try on the glasses, which I love (when I'm not too lazy to walk there).
Probably the best kept secret out there. Glasses at Zenni will set ya back like, 10 bucks. YEP and INCLUDING prescription.  I have probably 20 from them.  At that price, you just cant go wrong.
Classic Specs
Born in Brooklyn- classic specs has awesome vintage inspired frames that are all under $89.  They also do a home try on kit which is pretty essential to online eyeglasses shopping.
Guest Post by Alissa Laderer
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