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Confession: Sometimes I enjoy looking at all the hair and makeup looks from fashion week more than I enjoy looking at all the fashion. Whoops! The average person—like little old me—will probably never get to wear designer clothes on the reg, let alone have occasions to wear gowns to (I think my Met Gala invite gets lost in the mail every year). 
When it comes to hair and makeup, though, there's a lot more that we non-celebrities can play around with. Designer brand makeup is way more accessible than designer clothing, and even if you're working with drug store makeup, you can create some incredible looks with the right skills (and lots of practice). 
Fashion week is an amazing source of inspiration for hair and makeup looks that you can recreate as literally or as loosely as you'd like. Here are some of our fave looks that we can't wait to take for a spin.

Image via InStyle
The Designer: Veronica Beard
What We Love: This super pigmented blue cat eye is the perfect way to update your everyday eyeliner look. Keeping the rest of your makeup minimal makes this super wearable for daytime.
Image via Fashionista
The Designer: Milly
What We Love: OBSESSED with this take on no-makeup makeup! The rest of the face looks untouched while a light layer of glitter is applied on the eyelids up to the brow. Super easy to recreate—just add sparkles! 
Image via Fashionista
The Designer: Kate Spade
What We Love: This look is almost identical to Milly's, except eyelids are covered in little Swarovski crystals instead of glitter, with the rest of the face looking untouched. How chic!
Image via Allure
The Designer: Jonathan Simkhai
What We Love: Two things—the rusty red/brown lip color is amazing and so flattering. Also, totally feeling the choker doubling as a hair accessory. Definitely into it (and will be doing this once my hair finally grows past my shoulders).
Image via InStyle
The Designer: Alexander Wang
What We Love: Count me in for any hairstyle that requires literally zero effort. Banana clips are back thanks to the king of cool. This is especially great for days when you haven't washed your hair in a week or you overslept and gotta get to work in five minutes. 
Image via Allure
The Designer: Self Portrait
What We Love: Barney colors on your lips, but make it fashion! A two-toned lips is a daring look that makes a statement. The rest of the face is kept natural to make the mouth the main focus. For a less in-your-face look, you can try using two more similar colors like pink and red instead.  

Image via StyleCaster
The Designer: Alice & Olivia
What We Love: Serious Jenny Humphrey-gone-bad in Gossip Girl season 2 vibes! A super black eye look is a great way to make your eyes pop in a major way. Recreate with or without added sparkles -- just grab your darkest eyeshadow. 
Image via The Cut
The Designer: Prabal Gurung
What We Love: I usually want to wear anything reminiscent of my elementary school days, and this headband is no different. One of THOSE stretchy comb headbands. So 90's and so functional! Just like the Wang banana clip, here's your answer to lazy hair days. 
Which looks are you favorite, and which are you gonna try out yourself? Let us know in the comments!


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