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An Ode to the Ugly Coat—The Unsung Hero of Winter Wardrobes

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The ugly coatyou know the kind I’m talking about. Fuzzy yellow faux fur that bares more of a resemblance to Big Bird than any real-life animal you’ve ever seen, or that fabric that resembles your grandmothers '70s shag carpet in a particular shade of green, and even that now-quintessential teddy that primarily comes in the most unflattering shade of brown, and yet somehow still appears chic.

We know these coats are “ugly” yet we love them anyway, despite their obvious flawssilhouettes that often resemble sacks and prints that are darn near frightening to wear if they were to transfer their intense color  onto a pair of trousers or shift dress. The beauty of these crimes against fashion is that they provide us with a way to travel outside of our comfort zones. A color you would never select when shopping for a new top, suddenly becomes wearable in the form of a shag coat.

While I have pondered the reasoning for this throughout my life, (I have always gravitated towards black as my color of choice and yet still opt for the most outlandish coat I can possibly find) all I have managed to come up with is that while a coat can be a big commitment, it’s no secret that in colder climates most people rarely catch you without this extra layer, the ease of slipping a coat on and off when you get home or arrive at the office makes the commitment feel less scary and allows us to take the risks we would normally be afraid to try.

So, here’s to the ugly coat, the statement piece that keeps things interesting and allows us to try that bold shade of red or an animal print for the first time ever. In honor of this monumental fashion statement, I compiled a few of my favorites below. Now go ahead and try a new print or color you’ve never dared try before!

Create a '60s mod look by pairing this checkerboard coat with a high-waist mini skirt and thigh-high boots
Blue leopard print? Sign us up! Make a statement by wearing this with our jogger set.
We love the shade of green that gives this option a vintage feel
This oversized coat is super cuddly and warm. Dress it up over a little black dress or down with ripped jeans and an oversized tee.
Who says shades of brown can’t be super chic? We love the look of this unique trench.
Would you wear a statement ugly coat? Let us know in the comments!


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