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Staying hydrated is important, but why should it be boring? This summer treat yourself (juices unfortunately aren't the most wallet-friendly) and get your hydration fix by hitting a juice bar. Fresh-pressed juice has been making a splash on our Instagram feeds and in New York City. The vibrantly-colored drinks taste as double-tap worthy as they look and are packed with health benefits. Here is a round-up of five of our favorite juiceries in NYC, whether you're solely looking for a quick sip amongst the hustle and bustle of the city or winding down and treating yourself to a delicious meal after a long workday.

Pressed Juicery


You really can’t talk about juice without mentioning Pressed Juicery. As one of the more famous juice bars on this list, it has a massive social media following of over 270,000 followers on Instagram. Pressed Juicery also has a whooping eleven locations in New York (ten in Manhattan, one in Brooklyn) so it’s not too hard to stop by one. There are about thirty unique, flavorful blends of juices to choose from that can be purchased as cleanses and bundles that align with your health needs and goals. Pressed Juicery also takes an extra step to ensure food safety by using high pressure processing for its cold-pressed juices. If juice isn’t totally your thing (yet), you can try a freeze, Pressed Juicery’s take on soft-serve, or one of the hot lattes and tonics.

Recommendation: Roots 3

The Juice Shop


The Juice Shop has five locations in New York and has had famous customers such as Cam Newton and Niecy Nash. This is truly the one-stop shop for both health drinks AND food—why go out to just get a drink when you can get a hearty meal? The Juice Shop has over twenty-five juices and a small selection of health shots, all with fresh, non-GMO ingredients and fun names (Pear Pleasure is a good one). Feel free to purchase breakfast bowls, salads, toasts, and plenty more foods here to complement your drink—the meal combinations are endless!

Recommendation: Mighty Mint



JuiceLand has several locations throughout Texas, although only one in NYC—specifically in Brooklyn. But once you enter JuiceLand, there is no turning back. JuiceLand boasts an extensive selection of both grab-n-go cold-pressed juices and made-to-order juices. You can give your juice order an extra nutrition or flavor kick by perusing the array of add-ins, which include chocolate chips and hemp seeds. JuiceLand also has pretty bomb vegan wraps and specials that raise proceeds for charitable causes.

Recommendation: Ninja Bachelor Party

Juice Generation


Juice Generation is a New York exclusive, with all 19 of its locations in the Empire State. Juice Generation has an impressive roster of celebrity customers that include Jennifer Lopez and DiCaprio and is actually co-founded by a celebrity (Salma Hayek) as well. What really distinguishes this juice joint from the others is its commitment to community empowerment. Juice Generation’s ingredients come from local farms. Also, a portion of Juice Generation’s sales are invested in local charities as part of its “grow it back” business model. So while you’re enjoying its fresh or cold-pressed juices, give yourself a thumbs up for giving back to the community!

Recommendation: Citrus Super C

Grass Roots Juicery


You’re bound to find a juice you’ll love at the one and only Grass Roots Juicery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Pick up a cold-pressed juice from the retail fridge, choose from its menu of fresh juices, or even create your own juice from a list of fresh, organic produce. If you want to stay in to enjoy your juice, this is the place to be. There are couches, cushions and cool wall art, including an adorable (and Instagram-worthy) watermelon patterned wall. Feel free to also order some of the house-made baked goods while you’re there!

Recommendation: Fruity Spice


Let us know in the comments which juice bars are your favorites...and let us know which juice we should order!


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