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A couple months ago, we had the pleasure of meeting model Julia McGuire and working with her on an e-comm shoot. Fellow Social Sunday model Emma Freid AKA Instagremma recommended her to us and we're so glad she did! She was super chill, down to earth, and of course, photographed beautifully! Read on to learn more about Julia.

Based on your IG stories (and your killer abs) it seems like you're a fitness class junkie! What are your top three favorites you've done in NY?

My favorite work outs in NYC are definitely Rumble, SLT and Switch Playground. Rumble's boxing classes are so full of energy and intense. It’s nice to jump around and tune out the outside world for 45 minutes. SLT is the best Pilates class ever for staying toned and defining those lines we all love. As for Switch, if you want to work out with a friend you can partner up there for such a fun, intense workout! The DJ in class is also really good so if you’re having a lazy workout day you can just dance between the stations! Which happens often for me haha.
julia mcguire model
But...of course we know abs are also made in the kitchen! What kind of diet to you stick to in order to maintain that model bod?

I am definitely not the girl to ask about this. I’d like to thank my parents for good genetics and a metabolism because I am the ultimate foodie and don’t turn anything edible away...
julia mcguire model
What's your favorite cheat meal?

PASTA PASTA PASTA and then something sweet and then back to something salty.  
julia mcguire model
How did you get into modeling--and signed to one of the best agencies out there?

I started modeling when I was 10 years old. My rockstar parents would drive me in and out of the city for auditions and jobs. It was such a fun experience growing up on shoots and sets. I actually ended up leaving high school early in NJ to move to NYC to fully pursue my career... and yes, I graduated high school!!
What are your passions outside of modeling? 
I love food. All of my friends text me to tell them where to go to dinner or what the new hot spots are. I really can talk about food and restaurants ALL day. Other than that I’m pretty much into any thing outdoors or on a beach. I also love to work out and go to concerts.
You can find Julia in our e-comm shots all over our website and you can follow her on Instagram HERE


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