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Mix and Match These 8 Key Fashion Pieces For Any Holiday Dinner

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The holiday season is finally upon us, and we all know what that means–it's time to break out all things sparkly and festive! Most days when I'm chilling at home with my family, find myself easing into my routine of wearing the same old leggings, sweatshirt, and Nike sneakers. But I want to step up my game this year, especially for holiday gatherings. Whether you're trekking to grandma's house for Thanksgiving dinner or hosting a wine-and-dine event with your girls, we've got you covered. Read on for eight essential clothing items to mix and match for your holiday dinners. (P.S., A few of these are even Target finds, so you can probably snag them in your neighborhood store for a good price).
1.) Red corduroy skirt: This skirt, and anything else in a shade of cherry red, screams holiday dressing. A corduroy skirt has got that vintage touch you're craving and makes it look like you put some thought into your outfit without much effort. Never fret if you're worried about being too cold–a pair of black fleece-lined tights underneath will solve that problem in a heartbeat. 
red corduroy skirt
(Photo: Forever 21)
2.) Black strappy heels: I believe that every woman needs a pair of black strappy heels in her closet. Black goes with absolutely everything, and powerful heels like this can be worn for any event. The block heel makes this pair of shoes muuuuch more comfortable than, say, stilettos would be. If you aren't a heel kind of woman, knee-high riding boots would work well or any kind of suede ankle booties. Give yourself the gift of an instant outfit lift with the right pair of heels. 
(Photo: Forever 21)
3.) Cable knit sweater: Knit sweaters are an absolute lifesaver if you're agonizing over what to pair with a skirt or your favorite pants. They're casual but classy, and they look good with both jeans and leggings–bonus points for dressing your outfit up with a scarf/statement earrings! Plus, you can guarantee every store sells some type of sweater, so you'll never have to search too far to find what you're looking for.
(Photo: Express)  
4.) Maroon jeansSome may see maroon jeans as too casual for holiday events, but with a little bit of clever styling, they become an essential. It's a festive color, it can be worn with almost anything (given the rest of the outfit is color-coordinated), and they're super comfortable. I purchased mine for $20 at Target, and I've found them to be comfy, high-quality, and non-fading during the many times I've washed and worn them.
(Photo: Target)
5.) Silver bodycon skirt: This may be more appropriate for a gathering with girlfriends than anything else, but hey, sometimes hanging with friends is even more fun if you get to dress up and go all-out with your makeup look. You deserve a night out on the town! Pair this with a leather jacket like the model below for a look that's feminine and badass (we believe those words mean the same thing, but you already know that).
target silver skirt
(Photo: Target)
6.) Ugly-but-also-cute sweater: This is my personal favorite item on the list! Christmas-themed sweaters and sweatshirts will never go out of style. I don't care if people call them tacky–they're fun and comfortable and always have the cutest designs! I bought the light-up cat one you see below and I am BEYOND excited to wear it to work! The website says it's a "men's" clothing item, but don't let gender labels discourage you from buying this sweater, or anything else you love for that matter.
  (Photo: Target)  
7.) Gold statement earrings: Technically this isn't a clothing item, but jewelry is just as important as the rest of the outfit. When it comes to the holiday season, you simply can't go wrong with gold. These leaf statement earrings from Francesca's are a great find. They're delicate and can complement any outfit in just the right way. I've never been disappointed in jewelry I've gotten from Francesca's–and you can snag this eye-catching pair for just $20.
 (Photo: Francesca's)
8.) Long-sleeve sequin dress: Last but definitely not least, the long-sleeve sequin dress is a stunning option to try. The best part? It's versatile, meaning it will work for both fall and winter holidays. You can rock this look while chowing down on turkey with a cozy cardigan thrown over the top or while toasting to the New Year with a glass of champagne. Wear it with the black strappy heels, bold earrings, and I promise you'll look and feel like a total goddess.
(Photo: Charlotte Russe)  
What are your favorite holiday pieces? Tell us in the comments!


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