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Posted on should actually probably (definitely) NOT skinny dip in these pools. They are public places and you'll be around children and it will be daytime. Skinny dipping is great, but if you live in New York City like us, it's not exactly possible to indulge in the hobby. STILL, pools are great and pretty much the only way to cool off outdoors in a heatwave, unless you want to make the trek out to Coney Island or another Brooklyn beach, where the ocean water is super questionable anyway. 
And so, I give you a short guide to NYC pools.
Okay, so this one is pricey if you're gonna get a day pass. BUT it's a pretty cool experience to have and feel extra glamorous for a minute. Like, have cocktails delivered to you poolside.
This one's in Central Park, so you can picnic there beforehand! Fun fact: It's an ice skating rink in the winter. Clearly, the summer option is better.
Take a day and enjoy all the fun activities that the piers have to offer. The pool has such a sick view of the Manhattan skyline, and it's so close to the East River that you'll feel like you're swimming in it. (Maybe?)
This pool is really big, so you'll have just a little bit more personal space than you would at one of the previously mentioned pools. Also, it's in ~super hip~ Williamsburg, so there's that.
We can't leave out Queens! Astoria is growing increasingly popular, so you should head to the pool before everyone migrates there! Also, it's Olympic sized! Yay!
Let us know which NYC pools are your favorite, and shop our Perfect Night shredder HERE. 


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