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There's a whole other part of Miami that seems to be a world away from the stereotypical boujee South Beach parties—Wynwood. The neighborhood almost feels like a Williamsburg or Bushwick plopped down into Southern Florida. In this booming neighborhood, Lisa and Leilani set up shop. MIMO Market is in the heart of Wynwood, amongst beautifully heavily graffitied buildings, other boutiques, and restaurants. We spoke to Lisa about how MIMO Market came to be and her neighborhood favorites.

Can you tell us a bit about you and your co-founder, Leilani?
LISA TAM: Leilani and I both graduated from Florida State University with a degree in Fashion Merchandising, where we met while trying to start up the campus' first fashion magazine called Clutch (still going on till today too! *yay*) With similar passions, we both moved to New York City to pursue our goal of working in fashion editorial. Leilani landed a gig at More magazine while I had the opportunity to be at Marie Claire. After many years, we both realized that editorial wasn't where we saw ourselves long term, and looked for more corporate positions in the fashion industry. Leilani moved back to Florida and worked in Marketing and Catalogue at Chico's FAS Inc., while I worked in the buying department of Bloomingdales.
SD: What was your inspiration to open up shop together?
LT: Interestingly enough we both had dreams of opening up a little boutique, and we never realized it until we had a little bit of a chat during dinner. We were both looking for more in terms of career and thought, why not do something we love? We never looked back since!
SD: Wynwood is so cool and has such a different vibe than the rest of the city. What made you choose Wynwood as your store's location?
LT: Wynwood a couple of years ago was nothing like Wynwood today, however, to the locals, it was always a cool spot hidden and tucked away. We both loved hanging out in the area for dinner and late night drinks. At that time there were only a handful shops but there was a certain energy and vibe that we always got when we were in the area. We knew instantly where we wanted to be once the idea of opening up a boutique was in our plans.
SD: What are some of your favorite items you have in stock right now? 
LT: That's a tough one! We love everything at the store right now because spring/summer is our favorite collection. We both love seeing all the mixed and fun prints that are coming out this year! Florals on stripes, gingham, PJ inspired prints, art work type florals, pinstripes, watercolor prints, and even seeing a little bit of retro coming back!
SD: Where should everyone who visits Miami go in Wynwood in the way of things to do/see/eat/drink?
LT:  So much! Here's our quick guide in Wynwood:
Wood Tavern
Craft beer & cocktails in a hopping spot with outdoor communal tables & an artsy, industrial look.
Our favs: The best chill spot for drinks and small talks.

Coyo Taco
Upbeat spot (with a hidden bar) for Mexican street food & margaritas made with house-brand tequila.
Our favs: Psst... there's a hidden bar through the employee entrance. I beg you to have the any of the paletas drinks, which essentially means you get a fruit filled popsicle in your drink.
A staple to Wynwood and a must-see! Also great for amazing back drops to your selfies!
Our faves: All the art murals on the walls
The description just about says everything! A quick fix for your sweet tooth, they have some of the best donuts and change up the menu every month.
Our faves: Get the bacon donut... please!
Japanese cuisine at his finest, not your typical sushi joint but it's worth trying. We tried just about everything and love it all!
Our faves: If you're going to try anything, order the pork buns! And don't forget to order a cocktail with that!
Probably one of the most authentic Thai restaurants in Miami. Even down to the Thai beer! Did we mention that the place is super cute and very intimate? Worth making reservations for!
Our faves: Fried pork belly... yum!
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