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Everyone wants to make money doing something they love, right? Phoenix based Megan Hull was able to turn a creative hobby into her full time (not to mention, delicious smelling) job! Now MAME candles are sold across the US and even in a couple locations in Asia (plus our website). Read on to learn more about Megan and MAME.
What's the meaning behind the name, MAME
MAME is actually a blend of my name (Megan) and my original business partner's name, Maria. When she left 4 years ago I kept the name, and she's still one of my best friends.
What gave you the idea to tie in music and quotes to your candles? I love that some of the jars have song lyrics!
The quote idea is something I had wanted to do for a while and when Maria left it gave me motivation to go ahead and just do it. I am hugely influenced by 90’s hip hop and art, so anyway I can tie that into what I’m doing is really my happy place.  

Out of all things, what made you choose candle making? 
It just sort of evolved from a hobby. Maria did A LOT of happy hours and we wanted something fun to do that was cheaper and involved less alcohol. Candle making was one of our first projects. I did my first trade show in 2015 and that was really the beginning in my mind. It took a really long time for me to see that making candles could be a sustainable career. I kept my full time job up until 2 years ago. Once I left my job and took that leap, things really took off. 
What's the difference between regular candles and your soy candles?
The main difference between soy and paraffin is soy burns cleaner and is better for the environment. Plus, they burn longer.
Have you always lived in Arizona? Does being based out of Phoenix influence your work? 
I am originally from Portland, Oregon. I lived there before it was cool and full of hipsters. I used to have to explain to people on the East Coast that there was a whole state in between California and Washington. I love Phoenix, and the desert is a big influence for me. However Phoenix is so much more than desert. It’s a huge city with amazing restaurants, galleries, boutiques, and great resorts. I feel like my candles are the perfect balance of Portland and Phoenix, the two cities I love.
I'm sure it's so hard to choose, but which of your candles is your favorite scent right now?
My favorite scent is from our gold luxe line. It’s the sandalwood, iris, cardamom. It's actually a really soft scent and not a best seller. But I created it for my first trip to Paris with my husband and I burned it everywhere we stayed. I wanted to create a scent memory so every time I burned that candle at home I would think of our trip to Paris.  
What's next for MAME candles? 
Right now we’re in planning mode for holidays, creating new lines and new scents. Maybe we'll have some new products outside of the candle line. We're heading back to Europe this summer and I’m always inspired by what I see, smell and taste there. 
Follow MAME on Instagram HERE and shop MAME candles on our site HERE.


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