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Many dream of a career in the publishing industry. Writers long to see their names in print, photographers hustle to have their images published...and of course everyone wants to be a fashion editor or photo director or the big shot—the Editor in Chief! We chatted with New Yorker Megan Breukelman of Atlas Magazine  about what it's really like to be an EIC in 2017.
Can you tell us a bit about Atlas Magazine??
Atlas Magazine was founded in 2012, started by myself and Olivia Bossert. We met on Facebook while in college–– her, living between Switzerland and the UK, and me living between Canada and the USA. One lazy summer day, we decided to start a magazine… and here Atlas is today. It is a digital magazine geared towards the promotion of the next generation of fashion creatives, also finding life in its own daily-updated website and previously in print.

What is your main mission with the magazine, as Editor in Chief? 
My main mission has always been to promote and share the work of inspiring creatives from across the world–– some magazines have predominantly European, or predominantly American artists. We’ve always wanted to expose artists from all corners. On top of that, I want Atlas to find comfort in having a social conscience, which I am striving towards daily.

In the industry today with all the feminist and body positivity movements, do you feel a responsibility to carry this out in your magazine?
Absolutely. Atlas is a platform where there is a large follower base of fashion creatives; how could we not want to use that to work towards social betterment? There is always a struggle in finding the balance between “industry standards” and positive social movements. However, at this point, those standards that were once seemingly mandatory in fashion are outdated, and I think more publishers and creatives are realizing that.

What's the biggest struggle acting as the EIC of a new digital magazine?
Making the time. Every creative needs to pay their bills, and sometimes the last thing you want to do after a day of checking and sending emails is… check and send emails. That doesn’t mean I don’t love it. If I didn’t, why would I bother? The beauty of a passion project is the passion.

Who is someone you'd love to interview for the magazine? Famous or not. 
Chrissy Teigen. She is amazing, she’s outspoken and fights for what she knows is right. Plus, how could you not just love her?!

What's in store in 2017 for Atlas? 

Change, growth, inclusivity. The magazine is reshaping with the ever-changing creative landscape and social landscape.

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