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We've got an adorable new intern named Sylvie, and we're so excited for her to join the team!
Get to know her a little bit with our Q&A, and keep on the lookout for more.

What can we most likely find you doing on the weekends?
You can find me pouring beer or making delicious tiki cocktails at either of my bars. I'm always working! I try to sneak brunch with my sister in occasionally, too.
What are you studying in school?
I'm studying fashion design, and emphasizing on digital illustration.
Favorite band?
Do people still have favorite bands?? I could never pick just one. I like everything from old school hip hop, Bob Dylan, to the new Biebs and The Weeknd. I recently just discovered Anthony and the Johnsons though, which I highly recommend for anyone who is stressed out!
Favorite NYC shopping spots?
My favorite shopping spots here are probably somewhere in the village or soho. I like the little boutiques and vintage shops the best.
Who are your style icons?
My style I have so many! But Lily Gatins, Rei Kawakubo, my girl Rih Rih, and Christina Paik, just to name a few. 
What's your favorite Social Decay graphic right now?
Definitely Time To Wine Down. I am ALWAYS working, whether it's school or either job, so this graphic really speaks to me. I need to relax with a nice glass of wine more!
What are you currently binge watching?
I binged Roots recently, which was really, really heavy, and probably not a good idea, but it was incredible. And Gilmore Girls! I couldn't resist.


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