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Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk Recap

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Social Sunday takes giving back very seriously and this Breast Cancer Awareness Month was no different. As a company, we have raised over $2,400 for the American Cancer Society in just a few weeks. In addition to raising donations, we also designed a special tee, "Courage" to help raise awareness and give back even more. To top it all off, we were so honored to join many men and women in Coney Island this past Sunday to walk for those who are or have been affected by breast cancer. This cause was near and dear to our hearts because we all know someone who has been affected. For us, this signified a physical act of standing in the gap for breast cancer victims. If you weren't able to make it, don't worry. We are sharing our thoughts and photos on the day! Enjoy! 
Social Sunday Breast Cancer Walk Recap
This Brooklyn Breast Cancer Walk was held at the Coney Island Boardwalk, and lucky me it was my first time out here! I get to celebrate amazing people, give back to a great cause and see the beauty of Coney Island in the winter? Could this Sunday get any better? Once we started walking we were quickly hit with a chilly wind, but it was all worth it when the sideline cheerleaders, bands, and families would cheer us on along the way. Despite it being a chilly and early, the energy was high and it was infectious. What I loved the most was seeing how hundreds of strangers came together for one cause, and that's what united us all. We were no longer strangers but neighbors, friends, and family.
Social Sunday Breast Cancer Walk Recap
Social Sunday Breast Cancer Walk recap
Once we got to the end of the boardwalk to circle back around, we had a whole family congratulating us on making it half way! Jokingly I said, "Wow, I wish I had that kind of support when I make it out of bed on time" then I quickly thought of the true meaning behind these "mile marker cheerleaders." For those who are suffering or have a loved one suffering from breast cancer, every day is a battle. Every doctor's visit, every surgery, every 'test results day' is a battle. Those people need that team with them along the way cheering them on. They are making you feel proud of the distance you have accomplished. To us, we were just walking. We were sleepy and cold, but we were overjoyed to participate in the walk. Whether it was a journey for ourselves or for someone else that support is what kept us walking. The encouragement from our "mile marker cheerleader" helped us get to the finish line, and that's why it's important we do the same for everyone touched by cancer. 
Social Sunday Breast Cancer Walk Recap
Social Sunday Breast Cancer Walk Recap
Social Sunday Breast Cancer Walk Recap
On behalf of Social Sunday we want to thank each and every person who helped us reach our donation goal, bought a tee and supported us this month as we gave back. We believe in doing good to others and to the world and it doesn't stop here. We love supporting charities and doing whatever we can for our community. Check out our One Love Collection which helps raise money for the One Love Foundation. Or if you're looking for a way to support young women, check out our Women Up Collection. A portion of those proceeds are donated to Girl Up. 
Social Sunday Breast Cancer Recap



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