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Talking Travel with Blogger Lost With Liv

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So many people dream of traveling the world but don't set their plans in action. 24 year old blogger Olivia Poglianich isn't wasting any time in following her passion, and she's giving everyone on the internet advice on how they can do it, too. She caught the travel bug at 11, and has been going strong ever since. We caught up with the blogger behind Lost With Liv before she left New York for a solo Euro-trip.
You’ve been traveling internationally since you were much younger. What sparked your interest in travel and other cultures?
OLIVIA POGLIANICH: I traveled to Italy & Croatia when I was 11 with my grandparents for the summer and it was really cool to see where they came from, meet my extended family, and learn about my heritage. But I think the real interest set in when I was in high school and started learning about other cultures. A few friends of mine told me about these cool community service trips you could take abroad, so I did one to Costa Rica with a company called Rustic Pathways and it was incredible. At the time, it started as a great way to boost my resume for college, but when I returned from the trip it became so much more. I had a whole new appreciation for the things I’m given in the U.S.A and usually take for granted. I knew I needed to travel more to continuously get out of my comfort zone, and meet people who lead such different lives from me.

SD: Was there a eureka moment on a trip where you were like, “Oh my god, I need to travel FOREVER?”
OP: Great question. I have a lot of eureka moments on most trips that make me realize traveling is where I am happiest. Sometimes these moments are of self-discovery, or moments where I’m doing something really cool, looking at something really beautiful, or accomplished an amazing feat like hiking a volcano at sunrise. But in general, I’d say that “moment” came when I was studying abroad and saw how easy it was to hop around Europe, cheaply and quickly, yet still get that eureka feeling of other cultures almost every weekend on the road.
SD: What inspired you to start blogging about your travels?
OP: I have always liked writing and kept a travel journal for the past year or two. But after a slew of Facebook messages from literal randoms I made the plunge. People I’d met once over 5 years ago, or dudes I’d gone on one date with, plus my actual family/friends all kept asking me “How do you travel so much? What’s your secret?” and so my first blog post was about that very topic.
SD:  If people are going to take away just one important travel tip from you and your blog, what should it be?
OP: Travel is life changing. It is also absolutely possible, even if you’re budget conscious and have minimal vacation days. You just have to really, really want it.
SD: I’m sure you get asked this all the time by readers, but, what’s your favorite place that you’ve ever visited?
OP: This is such a tough question to answer and I know it’s a cop out to say this (but it’s really true) - I like so many different places for different reasons. I think the people in Colombia are the friendliest. Vancouver seemed like the most “livable” city to me, Thailand and India have some of the most delicious food. Chefchouen, a small town in Morocco, is also undoubtedly one of the most unique places I’ve ever been. For nature it might be Victoria Falls or Halong Bay. And I’ll always have a soft spot for Barcelona because it was my home for 5 months.
SD: When and where is your next trip?
OP: It’s actually tomorrow. I’m solo tripping around Europe with a small suitcase so I can hop around on all the budget airlines. I’ll also be a press attendee at a music festival in Serbia, my first international festival experience, so I’m stoked about that. Other highlights will include clubbing in some abandoned warehouses in Berlin, sleeping in a sail boat in Stockholm and visiting Transylvania. I can’t wait! 
Check out Olivia's blog here and follow her on Instagram @lostwithliv


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