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6 Amazing Destinations For a Local NYC Staycation

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We have reached the time of year in NYC where most of us have just about had it with winter. While we eagerly anticipate spring and say a little pray that she shows herself sooner rather than later, why not find a way to enjoy the current season by planning a local staycation? A trip to a nearby destination can be just what we need to get out of the seasonal slump we might find ourselves in as we await warmer weather. A staycation can also allow us to enjoy the colder temperatures (or not-we fully support hibernating inside too), before we all start venting about how hot and humid the NYC subway can be come summer.

We put together a list of the most hibernation-worthy local destinations; some you may be able to walk to, others might require a train ride and one may even be a short drive awayfor those who are feeling adventurous.

First up is The Beekman Hotel. This downtown NYC landmark dates back to 1883 and was recently restored to reflect its old glamour in 2016. The building was one of Manhattan's first ever skyscrapers and the new management did a fabulous job of maintaining its beautiful history. Walking into the hotel feels as if you are taking a step back in time, with its decadent atmosphere highlighted by the atrium, which was lovingly restored during the renovation.

The Nomad is modeled after European-style hotels and is meant to feel more like you’re staying in an apartment versus a hotel room. Each room is carefully designed and has an extremely homey feel, perfect for being a hermit and committing to not leaving your room for the entirety of your trip. Be sure to check out their curated cocktail experience at The Library Bar, where each drink is inspired by George Orwell’s book, 1984.
This Brooklyn bed and breakfast is what dreams are made of. Urban Cowboy prides itself on being your home away from home. It feels like you are staying in your super cool friend’s apartment rather than your typical B&B. The space, located in Williamsburg, is catered to travelers and was developed by a couple who essentially curated their dream home and then made it available to the public.
This industrial hotel used to be, you guessed it, a paper factory. During the 1970’s the paper factory closed and wasn’t reborn again until the 2000’s. In present day, the hotel is filled with art, you can spend a considerable amount of time just wandering the halls viewing it all during your time there. While you’re in the neighborhood, take a walk over to Astoria for amazing Greek food.
You might be thinking, the Hamptons in the winter? The answer is yes! This luxury hotel in Bridgehampton is just a train ride away from NYC via the LIRR and features a quaint farm to table restaurant with faire from local fisherman. If you are feeling extra luxurious, be sure to book an appointment at their in-house spa for a deep tissue massage.

The town of Hudson is just two hours from NYC and has become a popular escape for NYC residents looking to get out of the city for an easy weekend away. The Rivertown Lodge is housed in an old movie theatre that maintains it’s small town feel despite its modern updates. Bonus fun fact-the entire remodel was completed by the local community and the hotel houses artwork from local artists.
Do you have a favorite local staycation spot? Let us know in the comments!

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