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Strategies to Boost Your LinkedIn Game and Network Like a Champ

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Calling all boss ladies! It's no secret that these days, networking sites like LinkedIn are all the rage, and for good reason--your dream job could be just one connection away. But it's often hard to pinpoint the do's and dont's in this digital age, especially when everyone around you seems to have those glittering resumes. It's perfectly okay to feel overwhelmed! We're here to help. Check out Social Sunday's strategies to boost your LinkedIn game and get those eyeballs on your profile.
Fill out your profile as much as possible
LinkedIn gives someone a nice snapshot of your career and what your aspirations are. Oftentimes, potential employers will check out your profile after a peek at your resume, so add as many details as you can. We're not talking just the simple descriptions of your past experiences -- add some flair! Make your intro snappy and sparkly, something that sets you apart from the rest. Don't stick to the normal "Experienced ___ with a history of ___ who hopes to ____." Spice it up and let your personality shine through every word. We also recommend taking courses offered by LinkedIn and asking colleagues to endorse you for certain skills.
Brag about accomplishments
Ladies, we can't stress this enough: BRAG! BRAG! BRAG! Men don't have to think twice about making a post about a fabulous new promotion or writing about something amazing they did at work today. As women, we're trained to sit silently and not broadcast our accomplishments; that kind of behavior is labeled as "over-the-top" or "too much." But you deserve the recognition for all of the hard work you do. Did you finish a project earlier than you thought you would? Or attract a large number of new followers for your company's social media accounts? Start typing, babe! Confidence is key.
Regularly promote your work
This goes hand-in-hand with the above strategy. LinkedIn -- and other networking sites you love -- is the perfect place to promote your work. Along with working for Social Sunday, I also work in news, meaning I'm writing a lot of articles on a daily basis. I love sharing my stories so that my connections get a peek at my day-to-day work and get a taste of my writing style. And who knows, one of your connections could share a certain piece that gets viewed by a potential employer!
Make meaningful connections
I've gotten into the habit of reaching out to people I interview with even if I don't end up getting the job. It's helpful to keep those connections for further down the road. Maybe you're not right for it now but you could be in a year or two! This kind of networking is simple but effective -- don't be afraid to small steps now that could turn into something bigger later.


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