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Getting Closer to Home with Sunday Morning Sweetheart Ilana Seid

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We love the simplicity of Sunday mornings–curling up in bed for hours, letting the sunshine pour in through the curtains, treating ourselves to that extra pastry. That’s why we were excited to speak with Ilana Seid, owner and founder of luxury goods company Sunday Morning. With a passion for art and fine craftsmanship, Ilana has dabbled in real estate, business finance, and web development–and that’s not even all. She prides herself and her company on producing beautiful, refined pieces that are affordable to the everyday consumer. Read on for a peek into what makes this New York company so special.
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The idea behind your products is “practical decadence." When and where did this phrase/concept for Sunday Morning come about?
Our team spent a lot of time talking about what Sunday Morning feels like, and the words decadent and indulgent came up often–sleeping in, brunch, spending time doing the things you love. We aren't a basics company per se; we have more color, more design, we aren't about white and minimalism, but we also also wanted to focus on things people actually reached for and used daily. So that phrase really honed in on that tension of something that feels like it should be for a special occasion, but is actually used for daily living.
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What was the biggest challenge you faced when getting Sunday Morning off the ground?

Finding the right manufacturers and suppliers for our products was the most challenging part because I was really really particular about the quality of our products. We visited some manufacturers in various countries and they said they made linens for X, Y and Z luxury companies, but the linen was rough and I wasn't satisfied with the quality, so it took the better part of a year of traveling to remote parts of the world to find our partners. Believe it or not, Sunday Morning really started to happen after I met a woman who spent her life working in the home goods industry in a boutique hotel in Asia. I was having breakfast alone while there looking for suppliers, and the server asked me what I did for a living and I said I was in the home goods space, and he said you should meet Helen in room XZY. So I slipped a note under her door and invited her to dinner. She heard my story and was kind and supportive enough to open up her rolodex, and Sunday Morning was born.  


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Your headquarters is in New York City, one of the brightest and boldest cities in the world. What kind of inspiration do you draw from the city itself?

It is an amazing asset to be able to live and work in New York City. I draw inspiration from everything here–restaurants, art galleries, architecture, playgrounds, stores, showrooms, people on the subway. It is an incredible microcosm of people who revel in creativity and ambition, and I am so fortunate that I can get inspired just by walking around.


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I’m obsessed with how elegant yet beautifully simplistic your website is. How long did it take to finalize the design, fonts, colors, etc. on the site?

Thank you! The visual identity took about 5-6 months to pin down, and it was an on-going process start to finish. We selected fonts, and spent days if not weeks pouring over colors, then shot all the imagery, and once we finalized the images for the site, we had to do some final tweaks so everything would all play well together.


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Do you have an all-time favorite store in New York?

I am afraid I do most of my shopping online, but ABC home and carpet is a store I love to venture into. I am not much of a fashion person; I am more into home and food, so spending the day browsing the beautiful home goods in the store and then having a meal at Jean George's amazing ABC Kitchen is always a pleasant day for me. One day I hope to be able to say Sunday Morning!


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Each product you offer looks personal, and most of all, very well-made. Do you have any plans to add products beyond bed, bath, table, and gifts & accessories?

Yes! We plan on expanding to all parts of home in due time. We just found makers for amazing plush towels as well as some tableware (plates and flatware), so we are in the design phase and are hoping to launch those this year and next year.


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What advice do you have for women who want to start their own companies?

I really truly believe that it is an amazing time to be a female entrepreneur. We are supported in so many ways these days (female start-up groups, government support, funds and VCs that focus on female founders, the conversations in the news regarding the perhaps unconscious bias against female founders) - more so than women were ever supported in the past. And because most companies were started by men in the past, a lot of products don't speak to women, and there is a fundamental shift and opportunity right now to start something that appeals to a broader demographic. So I encourage women to just stifle the fear and do it. 
You can visit Sunday Morning HERE and check out their gorgeous Instagram account HERE.

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  • Emma: January 13, 2019

    Its sad that all her imagery from sleepwear is stolen from Deiji Studios. The product is a direct rip off too. No wonder she is able to make this cheaper, when there is not time or money put into creating original designs or imagery.
    What happened to women supporting women???

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