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How To Stay Comfy While Traveling

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Traveling can be one of the most rewarding and exciting activities there is, but whether your trip is for a work-related event or simply a much-needed vacation, let’s face it; traveling can get uncomfortable. Small airline seats, stale plane air and traveling stress can all contribute to this discomfort, but there are ways to combat this. Whether your next trip is for work or play, follow the tips below and you’ll arrive at your destination feeling refreshed and ready for your next adventure.

Keep Your Outfit Cozy

Our number one travel rule is an easy one to follow: if the outfit isn't comfortable, skip it. Whether you're flying across an ocean or hopping on a bus for a few hours you want to make sure you're doing so comfortably. My favorite piece to ensure that you are both comfy and cozy is our Social Sunday pullover and I love our Comfy Club graphic most! The thumbholes make this super soft long sleeve extra indulgent to keep you cozy no matter the country.


Wear Slip-On Shoes

Have you ever cut it too close for a flight because the person in front of you in the security line was taking an hour to unlace their shoes? Don't be this person. Remove this extra step from your travel day by donning shoes of the slip-on variety. My favorite are these, slip-on Converse they go with everything and make outfit planning easy throughout your trip.


Invest in a Great Backpack

I've had my favorite backpack since high school because once you find a good one, you should never let it go. This hands-free option makes traveling easier and splitting the load makes our shoulders less tense so we can feel at ease throughout our travels. We love this one from Go Dash Dot. It is super functional and even features a compartment to store a yoga mat or an extra pair of shoes.


Find an Aromatherapy Oil You Love

Travel stress is sometimes unavoidable but there are things you can do to reduce it that have an instant impact. We recommend traveling with an aromatherapy oil of your choice and taking a quick sniff in your seat before takeoff or while you're waiting for a Lyft to get you from your hotel. This lavender oil is a great option and is known for its relaxation properties.


Bring a Blanket

Airplanes can often be freezing and no one wants to be cold on a long flight! The super-thin often scratchy "blankets" that they hand out for overnight flights simply do not cut it so I recommend this Lug Nap Sac blanket/pillow combo. The fleece is extra soft and feels luxurious for ultimate comfort.

Lug Nap Sac Travel Blanket and Pillow Set-$31.99

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Keep Your Lips From Chapping

Chapped lips are one of the most annoying parts of flying! The stale plane air only increases the dryness of your lips so make sure you stay hydrated with a nourishing balm. We love Rosebud slave, it is a true classic and will keep your lips moisturized from take off to landing.


Download a Meditation App

It is nearly impossible to feel comfortable if your mind is not in tune with that vibe, so keep yourself calm and relaxed by downloading a meditation app. The Calm app is an amazing option that offers lots of different meditations and it is free to try. 

What are your favorite ways to stay cozy while traveling? Tell us in the comments!


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